Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new variant scenario condition that could prove to be interesting ... random satellite coverage!

A new variant scenario condition that I thought would be very interesting.
Random satellite coverage!
The Paneuropeans have hacked into a few Combine VERY SMALL spy satellites which gives them unprecedented detail of a battle-space about 2 km by 2 km at a time.
How it works in the game:

Roll your CRT attacks against a Combine target and choose if you are using the hacking of a spy satellite that battle. This hacking can happen only every 4-5 minutes so one hack once a turn only.

Roll a d6 and it turn up 6 then +1 on the CRT table for that single battle. A successful spy satellite hack by the Paneuropeans! Some military hacker probably saved a few lives!
Roll a d6 and if it turns up 1 then -1 on the CRT table for that single battle. The spy satellite had the wrong area covered and the units relied on this information for correct firing solutions. Maybe in this case the Combine knew which spy satellite was being hacked and gave the Paneuropeans wrong data.

This is an optional scenario modifier that could prove to add some spice to any game!

Here is a dice roll I just did while writing this entry. I
rolled three perfect battle rolls (all 6s) and a 1 on the d6 mod die.
Excellent if only all the roll were 4s and I was trying to pick off tread units with a 1:1 attack!
Have fun using it and Merry Christmas!