Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updated Countersheet as of 06 Dec 2011

Here is my current counter sheet. I actually scanned them in because transferring them from Visio Pro to photoshop was rather time consuming and was getting boring. Besides you don't print off counters from a jpg anyways. The resolution from a jpg is very low and with Viso Pro you can get your counters to come out to match the dpi of your printer. As my laser printer can print on plastic or paper at up to 600 dpi I chose Visio Pro to print out my counters. They come out so nice that some of the detail has to be truly appreciated with a magnifying glass!
Go to Boardgamegeek to get a larger one under the user name of 'Toltrin' to inspect the detail I put into these. The dpi range is about 400-450 because of the jpg quality. To get the FULL original scan of 4515x6303 pixels, go there, sign up, and THEN access the original instead of looking at the medium sized counter sheet.

Click on this picture to get the main jpg.