Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rage the game for PC, my review.

OK, when I first played this game after installation I found the graphics to be excellent, the town layout very good and the diversionary activities (gambling and racing) to be also very good.
I did find some things they could have done better and it looks like they rushed this game, as Bethesda seems to do. I am referring to the Fallout series and how you just cannot die at all. When a character cannot die and there is nothing to LOSE from dying the game. Thus the game loses all flavor or risk and thus the reward is a "ho-hum, I guess I won that amusement park ride - complete with safety bars".
I also found to my shock that I could win EVERY LEVEL with just a shotgun and a sniper rifle. The shotgun had rockets that shot super accurately and I would have used them all the time except you cannot loot a gibbed body. Now looting bodies is rather moot as money does grow on trees in this game and you end up with ridiculous amounts by the end of the game. Additionally you end up with many more weapons than you actually need. This brings me to how they could resolved this. They could have limited the number of weapons you could carry at any one time to three and then severely limited your movement speed and dodge by upping it to four. Also they could have implemented an encumbrance system that would have had the player actually balance what that player needed for each mission. To me, only the shotgun and sniper rifle did 90% of the work and could have done all of it if it were not my curiosity of how the other weapon's animations looked like. Now you KNOW that not much effort was put into game play dynamics when a player uses a weapon to just appreciate the weapon's animation.
Also, you want to upgrade your car? Just go out there with plenty of missiles, spend two hours blowing up an apparently unlimited supply of bandit cars and fully upgrade your car.
When rewards in a game are a direct result of expending time with little risk of setback the game comes off as dull and more like an interactable movie and not a video game.
The enemies were predictable as World of Warcraft spawns, were as easy to take down as cardboard cutouts that moved and did little to impede your progress through the level (with the help of F5, the save function). If you want excitement in a FPS, then compel the player to exercise caution and use of tactics, not brute force.
The gambling was not as dynamic as I had hoped and too easy to manipulate. All you have to do is hit F5 when you WIN and then F9 right before you lose. The least they could have done is prohibit the save and load function when gambling and in enemy areas to add an element of risk. Again, when you have risk of having to start over it adds a potential element of accomplishment.
I give a solid 6.0 for graphics, decent level layout and good voice acting. I knocked off 4 points due to the fact that there just was not enough risk, you only NEED two or three of the weapons really to accomplish ANY mission and by the end you end up with more ammo than you really need.
Also, I thought the ending was a cut scene until I saw the credits. A game player should be saying "you have to be kidding me" at the completing a video game. I don't think I fired a single rocket at a bad guy due to not having too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

About game damage and real life...

It has been said (maybe by me) that all game mechanics have a basis in real life to a certain degree of accuracy. To what degree this accuracy to real life is up for debate if you have that long to talk about it. The question crossed my mind the other day concerning physical damage to characters and vehicles in game. Most of us know that a short sword does 1d6 damage and the average 1st level character in D&D is about 8 hit points. We also know that from GURPS certain materials has resistance to certain types of damage.
The question is this:
What does one point of damage equal to Newtons of force in real life?
The next question crossed my mind is:
What density and molecular composition does a material need to have in order to 100% resist that one point of damage?

I understand that in role playing games predictive outcomes are the realm of randomness to some degree. Because excessive detail grinds any role playing game to a halt there must be an element of unpredictable  randomness to situations encountered by players. With this said it would add flavor and sense of connectivity to our adventures if we could input elements that predicatively behave more like the world we are familiar with. Just as analogies are the best way to get an idea across with so many few words, having a root to real life analogue to the role playing props we use would bring a more believable and exciting element to the role playing experience. To try to connect our real world to a mentally fabricated one is what science fiction (not science fantasy) is all about!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outdoor Night Game Ideas 1

OK, when I was younger and my younger siblings were just into their tweens, I was a good by inventing very cool ways we could play outside. This did both to take advantage of the beautiful weather as well as bond with other people in the neighborhood.
Now that my siblings are older with families of their own, we still follow this tradition of playing outside just as the sun went down. Nope! We don't watch TV or play video games - we play NIGHT GAMES!
Some of the notable examples of these really cool get to gethers are the following:

Sardines, Hide and go seek, Kick the can, Hide the glow in the dark objects and glow-in-the-dark ball tag.

I have invented a new game that requires just a few things. This way you can play kick the can or nerf gun fights on any lawn.

Barrier ball
You can either try to knock out of play the other players or use up your foam ball trying to 'capture' forts.  Once a barrier has been claimed by a team it takes at least two players to 'capture' it by each person placing a foam ball on the top of each post. Once 'captured' no one person from the other team may hide behind it.
Items needed: 
Four foot high poles pushed about one foot into the ground with a sheet of plastic between them that is about 6 feet long creates a sort of fence. This acts like a three foot high barrier that is six feet long that would block any thrown objects (like airsoft, nerf or foam throw balls) from contacting the person on the other side.
Twelve foam balls or a set of nerf guns that are similar for each side.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A list of all my miniatures

2 Ogre Mark I
2 Ogre Mark II
1 Ogre Mark III
1 Ogre Mark IIIb
1 Ogre Mark IV
2 Ogre Mark V
1 Ogre Ninja
1 Ogerethulhu Ogre Mark 5
1 Ogre Vulcan
1 Dopplesoldner
1 Fencer
1 Fencer B
3 Swimming OGRE towers
1 Vulvan Drone
2 Wheeled Truck
2 Loose Cargo - Personnel Carrier
1 Loose Cargo - Rounded Canvas Top
1 Loose Cargo - Squared Canvas Top
1 Loose Cargo - Tanker
1 Loose Cargo - LAD unassembled
1 Combine Command Post
1 Combine Alamo Superheavy Tank
2 Combine Ranger Heavy Tank
2 Combine Yankee Light Tank
1 Combine Roadrunner GEV-PC
7 Combine Raptor GEV
5 Combine Gremlin LGEV
1 Combine Banshee Missile Tank
2 Combine Bigfoot Mobile Howitzer
1 Combine Minotaur Howitzer
1 Combine Light Artillery Drone
21 Combine Heavy Infantry
298 Combine Mobile Infantry
2 Combine Hovertruck
1 Combine Laser Turret
0 Combine Laser Tower
1 Paneorupean Command Post
1 Paneorupean Thor Superheavy Tank
2 Paneorupean Jaeger Heavy Tank
1 Paneorupean Hammer Light Tank
1 Paneorupean Seguro GEV-PC
6 Paneorupean Galahad GEV
4 Paneorupean Cossack LGEV
1 Paneorupean Ajax Missile Tank
2 Paneorupean Eisenfaust Mobile Howizter
1 Paneorupean Arquebus Howizter
19 Paneorupean Heavy Infantry
295 Paneorupean Mobile Infantry
... SJGames Warehouse 23

2 Travellers 100 Ton Scout
... gift

1 NOVA Corp Sergeant

4 Hammer Slammers Blower Tank
4 Hammer Slammers Commander Blower Tank
4 Hammer Slammers Commander Combat Car
4 Hammer Slammers Tank Destroyer
4 Hammer Slammers Combat Car
4 Hammer Slammers Hog
1 Hammer Slammers Truck

4 M1A1 Abrams MBT with 120mm
3 M270 MLRS Multiple Rocket Launchers System
6 M998 HMMV 4 Man Soft Top Transport
4 M113 armored personnel carrier - TOW
36 LT AA AT and TOW 2 (Infantry)
4 M35A2 2.5 Ton 6x6 Transport
4 Israeli Merkava main battle tank
6 LAV-25 8x8 APC Armored Carrier
4 M109A2 Armored Artillery Vehicle
4 M901 Tank Destroyer
50 Ground Infantry
4 M1A1 Howitzer Artillery Cannon 8"Bore


Other stuff:
2      Ral Partha Battletech Miniature Mech
1      1987 Locust Mechwarrior Miniature Mech

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here are some funny pics of my Dopp...

I thought you all would enjoy these photos!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated and cleaned up representation of my various dice sticker faces

Here is an updated and cleaned up representation of my various dice sticker faces. You can use this to determine what stickers you want and such.
Erased, Retired, Shelled and Flattened sticker styles.

Cratered, Bordered Cratered, Flamed and Blasted sticker styles.

Bomberman, Nuked, Hacked and Smitten sticker styles.

Terminated and Rubbed Out sticker styles.
I hope this helps people determine what styles they wish. Another thing they might remember is to tell me, in millimeters, the size of the dice sticker. I usually put out 12.7mm (1/2 inch) and 13.5mm (for those indented dice here).

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Complete Dice faces for stickers finally!

Here are the revised styles for my stickers that are placed on blank dice.
Here are the behavior of the OGRE stickers:

Here are the Reinforcement sticker:

Here are the 11 different styles of CRT dice:

Monday, July 30, 2012

OK, here are my specially made dice.

Here are the dice I have made so far but with the power of visio pro I can make practically any stickers for dice, laminate them and roll em in the game!
The uncut, laminated and printed stickers before they are carefully placed on the blank dice.

These dice were created to randomly determine what an OGRE will do during a solo game.

This dice is designed to determine what unit types are available for reinforcements during a game of OGRE/GEV.
Battletech style.
Asimov style.
Gone Medieval Style.
OGRE Style.
Practice Dice Style.
OGRE black and white Style.
Terminated Style.
Hacked Style.

Another shot of CRT dice I have created using laminated stickers printed with CRT dice designs. Makes the game of OGRE/GEV much smoother and simple.

Here is my email!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

HCobb, an OGRE/GEV fellow soldier of mine wished for me to make a counter for the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). As in fashion with the other archaic armor units I have made counters for, I put the army font into the counter to show that they are indeed archaic armor. They do not, however, have the same armor or even weapons systems they had when they were first built. In the nuclear battlefield of 2065+, these armor units would have been fortified with modern electronics, BPC armor and weaponry closer to the smart mini-nukes of the future.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here is the Blower Tank from Hammers Slammers

I tried to make the Hammers Slammers blower tank as accurate to the OGRE/GEV rules as possible. I know the 20cm powergun of this tank can effectively reach out to the horizon but I thought that 4 range was enough without breaking the game.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Miniatures! Hammers Slammers, 2012 armor & power armor!

Here are my  Hammer's Slammers   "Blower Tanks" with their iridium turrets. Behind them are the scout cars (unpainted). In the foreground is a squad of 8 modern infantry (two per magnet) on a washer painted over with a paint that looks like grassy ground when sprayed - perfect for simulating ground under a miniature. I left the turret off of one of the "Blower Tanks" to show the magnet setup I used. The turret stays on the base and rotates freely.

Here are the M1A Abram tanks as well as their allies next to them - the very cool Merkava Israeli tank. I have a special place in my heart for the state of Israel. God's chosen people.

A closer look at the Hammer's Slammers Blower Tanks.

Good overview of all of them. Note the magnet setup used on my 1/300 scale MLRS. I believe all these models are to scale. Note how large the 1 ton battle-suits of the 2060 future compared to regular infantry or even to modern tanks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So you need a base for your 1/285th scale infantry...

Here is the answer! Spray a metal washer with a special texture spray and use magnets on the bases of your 1/285th scale infantry. 
See below in the photos:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I found something interesting with the Microgame "Black Hole"

Look closely and try to find something fishy with these images...
...That is right! The "ship" units look 90% close to DC-8 aircraft from Earth. Why this is cropping up in a Microgame published in 1982 is anyone's guess. Maybe they have a raving mad Scilon on their develop staff?

Right now I am buying miniatures for my archaic armor collection.

Imagine, navagating this for real. Click the "Micro Modern Armor" and you can! Don't worry they don't pay me - they are just an awesome website.
Right now I am buying miniatures for my archaic armor collection. If you want wish to know the seller, he is here and is very detailed in their work! I was surpassing surprise as the detail when I surfed "Micro Modern Armor" and have already order over a dozen piece of their work. They also sell pieces that could certainly be used in the game of Axis and Allies and each piece would be era AND country accurate. Excellent place! Their prices are also reasonable in that for $5-7 you can get 3-6 miniatures of almost any conceivable tank, airplane or ship within the last 90 years!
All the miniatures I have bought from there are 1/285th scale. This means they are compatible with OGRE/GEV miniatures, the game.
You have to check it out. I WILL post pictures when my package arrives of my M-1A1 AbramsLAV-25 8x8 APC Armored Carrier (Striker with a gun turret), Merkava Main Battle Tank and 86 infantry (with 36 being LT AA AT and TOW 2). In the future I will get the M270 MLRS Multiple Rocket Launchers System (MLRS) and the M109A2 Armored Artillery Vehicle(Paladin) and maybe some M1A1 155mm Long Tom Artillery Cannon (Long Tom).
 I will use the 86 odd amoutnt of 1/285th scale infantry as militia and all that. Maybe these vehicles will inspire me to make some archaic armor meets modern armor from OGRE/GEV in Africa, Asia, South America or even on islands of the sea. The possibilities are almost endless! To many armies too poor to afford proper from the floor up modern armor will have upgrades archaic armor in their inventories.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little visiting the Archaic armor from the 2012-2022 military era

Here are archaic armor units from the OGRE/GEV universe. This era represents about tech level 9-10 for energy and tech level 13 for artificially intelligent technology.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Mobile Infantry - both Pan and Comb

Here is my mobile infantry, both Combine and Paneuropean. I am actually thinking of purchasing more infantry from Steve Jackson games and modifying them to be Nihon Mobile infantry. Maybe paint them in yellow with black highlights. I am going to paint Paneuropean Mobile Infantry Black with white and silver accents. I will them paint the Combine Mobile Infantry White with blue, gold and black accents. I still have a few patches of gold leaf left over from my commissioned piece I created for this one guy.

Now you can count for yourself how many infantry I have.
As I get some latex molding rubber and some resin compound I can mold in clay some Nihon creations and recreate them. I will probably use the base of some OGRE/GEV units for skirts and tracks and such. Then the top can be molded using various electronic scraps and plastic pieces from other models about the same scale ... 1/265th scale.

The Missile Tank Family

Here are the Missile Tanks. There are three varieties, light, standard, and superheavy missile tank.
The Klien, Ajax and Feder are the Paneuropean varieties. The Manticore, Banshee and Reflex are the Combine varieties. Below are a re-posting of the Nihon Missile Tank.
Light Missile Tank
2att, 1def, 3rng, 2mov, 3vp, 1siz
Missile Tank
3att, 1def, 4rng, 2mov, 6vp, 2siz
Super Heavy Missile Tank
5att, 1def, 6rng, 1mov, 12vp, 3siz
Nihon Missile Tank
(x2)4att, 2def, 3rng, 2mov, 9vp, 3siz

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just every one of us we want to know what our ultimate place is in the games we play. Why should a superheavy tank be any exception? There are at least three different versions of the Superheavy tank (see below) that I know of to this unique and quite powerful unit. It is quite powerful indeed. The next step is a relatively lightly armored (for OGRE standards) OGRE chassis ... the Mark 1. I would dare say that the "Thor" Superheavy is a Mark 1 with people inside. Why I don't see many Mark 1 OGREs with dual 3att/3rng guns is beyond me. Maybe they didn't want to change the specs too many times - I dunno.
Special not on the CRT as pertains to the Superheavy Tank:
To clarify on the SuperSuperHeavy, multiple D results don't stack on it. So any D disables it anew. even if it was already disabled.
NE => No effect

D => Disables, even if was disabled before. (Possibly extending disabled time.)
X => Lose one gun and one AP and disable or turn to hulk if was Xed before.
XX => Gone. (This is why I have XX on my CRT dice)

Has underwater movement as long as it does not stray no more than one hex from shore (continental shelf travel).

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 1.0  (Assault mode)
Defense: 5
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Two AP attacks: 1 each, Range 1 (2")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 15 (Two and a half "Armor Units")

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 2.0 (light version or 'strike' version)
Defense: 4
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Two AP attacks: 1 each, Range 1 (2")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 12 (Two "Armor Units")

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 3.0 (Standard mode)
Defense: 5
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 12 (Two "Armor Units")

Paneuro Superheavy Name Cyclops Variant
Defense: 4
One Main gun attack: 4, Range 3 (6")
Two External Missiles: 6 each, Range 5 (10")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 16 (2 2/3 "Armor Units")

But ... Hamsters are more than a match for any Superheavy crew. They will be overcome with "adorable shellshock" at the sight of this cuddle inspiring fuzzy siren on four legs...
... Rest in piece little Peaches. She was so fun to play with.

I now have a new OGRE/GEV hamster mascot for our gaming group named Apricot below...

You really want my opinion on which one to paint first says the expert miniatures hamster...
Take it or leave it - paint the Mark V first, Dave! And for squeakiness sake - use an undercoat when painting...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changes I would like to see in the Cobb Unit Creator...

As this Henry Cobb unit creator does so many cool things according to a formula I see that there a few more things that could be added in order to make it awesome!

Tell me what you guys think ... please. I would love to hear from Henry, the man himself, on whether he will tinker with this unit creator some more. I know he is probably busy - but it would be cool to have when OGRE 6.0 comes out and we will have minis from other games we would like to attribute stats to.

With these changes I could know really how much this Angriff wheeled light tank below is worth. For now I would guess it's worth 1 armor unit or 6 Cobb style victory points. It has a 1/1 AP 30mm gun with light missile pods somewhat like the missile tank. It has heavy suspension and solid BPC tires. It's tires external area is inflated to give it a smooth ride on solid, consistent surfaces - such as roads and lake beds. I assume it is size 3 since it can carry two squads of mobile infantry.