Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little work I did for my friend Kajin TS3 Moderator.

I did this one for his avatar in this TeamSpeak moderator.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Word on Tribes Ascend...

 Until you give us configurable loadouts...
Until you give us configurable loadouts with freedom of options the game will forever be imbalanced. People will flock to another game that offers more freedom of modding and character configuration.
I though that this game would be an improvement over Tribes Vengeance.
T2 $20
Configurable armor types with choice of pack, belt items, main, secondary and tertiary weapon (one or two more than on larger armor types).
A truckload of different stuff you can put out - in almost limitless ways.
Vehicles that we a blast to use (and abuse heh).
Different classes with balanced strengths and weaknesses.
Modding community that was not handcuffed by the developers.
Map making software that worked and produced beautiful maps for the time.
Building decoration that could be defined only by artwork.
Targeting laser.
Ability to actually target laser a target in order to help another teammate out in bombarding.
Missile launcher that is more intelligent than the Sabre Launcher by 900%
Grenade launcher that actually goes 200m.
Only hit scan weapon (which led to the game's demise) was the laser rifle.

TV $35
Configurable armor types.
Deployables (lots of them).
Different classes with Somewhat balanced strengths and weaknesses.
Vehicles that are actually fun to play (if not a bit strange).
Grapple Hook (really cool).
One of the best single player experience I have had (with a good story too).
Only automatic weapon was the chaingun which was abused with hacks almost as soon as it came out.

TA $30 + $15/month ($180/year)
Static armor classes that don't make sense.
One deployable which gets destroyed seconds after it's placed.
Buy your way to configuration.
Vehicles that are buggy and clunky.
Buy your way to experience conversion.
Best weapons are almost all hit-scan weapons.
Indirect weapons are almost always useful inside buildings (of which there are little of).
No ability (yet) to create your own LAN game and requires internet connection to play.
No modding allowed what so ever for this game.
No map editor (as of yet).
No disc or box to collect and put on your self.

Lesson: They should have just repackaged Tribes 2 by improving it's graphics (and that's it) and they would have made a lot of money. 
They had to go and reinvent the wheel by putting training wheels on it for players that don't know how to shoot a spinfuser to save their lives (literally). This smells like a cash in to me. Sorry I have to say it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A cool play aid for Tribes Ascend...

Maybe this could be used on maps where other players are not present - but bots are.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to save Tribes Ascend

How to save Tribes Ascend:
1. Offer a third loadout of any weapon you wish you are not holding already.
2. Increase the blast radius of sticky grenades, increase the firing arc (making them TRUE indirect fire weapons) and lower the rate of fire on the triple fire.
3. Decrease the rate of fire of the ThumperDX, decrease the damage and increase the blast radius. This would make this weapon a good area of denial weapon.
4. Mortars and Grenade launchers that are not sticky should have a way longer range. The range on the mortar is 200m at BEST and that is abyssal. That is on par than the GRENADE LAUNCHER in Tribes 2! Increase the Mortar to 400m and the Grenade launcher to 200m.
5. Decrease the rate of fire of SMG and anything that shoots rapidly reduce it's accurate range to 50m. Out to 100m the accuracy should be abysmal.
6. Make the bullet fly at 800-1200 ft/sec (you know like REAL bullets) and not at speeds exceeding the speed of light. Also make the bullets actually DROP DOWN with range. If you are going to shoe horn in modern warfare looking weapons into a science fiction game, at least make the physics work correctly.
7. Assign more points to those who take care of the base.
8. Put more deployables that can be placed by the engineer.
9. Included a profanity filter.
10. Decrease the tone needed to lock on a missile by 2 seconds and give every suit 3 flare grenades. No more having to stop, look up and fire at a missile coming at you. Oh yeah, make the missile SMART like in Tribes 2. Make it actually GO OVER a hill instead of stupidly crashing into in 75% of the time. Maybe give it 2-3 maneuvering actions to avoid obstacles before it 'crashes'?
11. Give only 10% kill credit to those that kill other players in a tank. It's way too easy to spam that cannon for easy kills.
12. Put back in items like the satchel charge, shocklance, deployable sensors and mines - you know things that Tribes is SUPPOSED to have.
13. Put higher skilled persons in a separate server and anyone who is new or does poorly should be in servers automatically with players who score less than stellar. This does two things. First, people have fun playing against people of their own skill level. Second, once a player becomes really good he graduates into a higher skill bracket.
14. Add bots that are variably intelligent.
15. Make the vehicles more difficult to drive (like in T2). This will cut down on n00bs getting kills they should not get accidentally.
One last thing: I understand that they are looking for a wider audience who does not have all day mastering a game with a steep learning curve. Nevertheless this is not a reason to make it Halo Reach on with jet packs.
Where is the box, DVD and single player story that taught people how to use the different classes? I want a box to put on my shelf with Starsiege Tribes 1, Tribes 2, Tribes Vengeance (the red-headed step child no one really liked in multi-player but single player rocked!) and finally Tribes Ascend.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have found political entries to be offending.

From now on no political or religious posts will be made on this blog. It offended a few people and as I really made this blog for OGRE/GEV and other assorted games, I found that offending the few people that read this blog would be counterproductive.
It seems I have moved more towards political issues than gaming issues and I believe this has offended some people. I built this blog to give people more information about gaming of many genres, more importantly science fiction gaming.
To the people who I removed their comment: forgive me. I really am new at this whole blog thing. I thought I needed to remove comments before I deleted the blog entry. I may have seemed like I was censoring you (I didn't mean to do that) so please put your comment back up on this post.
Thank you for looking at my OGRE stuff and forgive me, Swanditch, for inadvertently censoring your comment.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I had an idea for a magic sword that is unique

The Chromatic Touch Blade
First found among the treasure of a deceased ancient Brass Dragon, the Chromatic Touch Blade, as it came to be called, has the ability to restore and free people touched by evil entrapment spells (not good entrapment spells or spells cast by a good aligned divine spell caster). Some say it was the sword of a fallen angel and some say it was divinely created and seeded among men to sow good among them. Others have wilder theories concerning this rare and unique blade. So far this blade stands among a few other blades in the care of Griffereth, a wise ancient brass dragon seeking a suitable partner for this most holy of blades...
+1 Adamantine Longsword.
1d6+1 base damage.
Lawful Good activates powers to the fullest.
+1 divine damage for every 4 levels of wielder and is good and holy aligned for overcoming damage reduction.
Neutral persons treat the sword as a +1 Adamantine Longsword.
Evil aligned individuals holding it take 1d4 points of holy damage per round and this damage cannot be overcome by any means of damage resistance. The sword is useless except as a +1 Adamantine Longsword to an evil aligned individual.
Ambient power (continuous no matter the alignment of the wielder): To a radius of 20 feet all good aligned individuals gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against fear, mind effecting and petrification attacks per 4 levels of lawful good wielder. For any other wielder with a differing alignment this ambient power is not activated.
On a touch attack that draws blood (1 point of damage) to an individual who has been entrapped by an evil spell  that is at least 2 less than the wielder's level (any spell that limits the person's freedom in any way - G.M. decides extent) the spell is then dispelled immediately and the individual returned to the pre-combat state. However, any damage done before the limiting spell was cast is still present as it is not a healing sword.
On a hit threat of a natural 20 against any evil aligned individual must roll a DC of 8 plus 1 DC per level of the lawful good wielder (to a maximum of DC 28) or be turned to dust where they stand. Those evil individuals that make the saving throw they take quadruple damage and individuals of a differing alignment except lawful good take double damage. This sword cannot harm lawful good individuals. This saving throw is charisma based.
On a 17-19 the sword has a threat to do double damage to  individuals of a differing alignment except lawful good and quadruple damage those of any evil alignment. Evil aligned individuals that are destroyed on the same round with this quadruple damage turn to dust and thus no way to resurrect them except through a wish. Again, this sword cannot harm lawful good individuals.
Once a day this sword may be used to conjure a wall of holy force that is 2 feet long and 2 foot high for every 3 levels of the individual wielding this weapon. The wall is a standard 5 feet thick. Individuals may pass through it unharmed if Good or Neutral aligned. However any evil aligned individual attempting to cross though it take 1d6 points of divine damage per 2 levels of the wielder of the weapon per round. The full effects of this wall of holy force may only be conjured by a lawful good aligned individual. A neutral good or chaotic good wielder may summon a wall of holy force but it is only 1/3 the size (rounded down) and does only 1d4 holy damage to evil aligned individuals per 3 levels of the wielder. Any good aligned wielder may summon this wall up to 5 feet away for every 2 levels of the wielder (to a maximum of 50 feet away).