Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Word on Tribes Ascend...

 Until you give us configurable loadouts...
Until you give us configurable loadouts with freedom of options the game will forever be imbalanced. People will flock to another game that offers more freedom of modding and character configuration.
I though that this game would be an improvement over Tribes Vengeance.
T2 $20
Configurable armor types with choice of pack, belt items, main, secondary and tertiary weapon (one or two more than on larger armor types).
A truckload of different stuff you can put out - in almost limitless ways.
Vehicles that we a blast to use (and abuse heh).
Different classes with balanced strengths and weaknesses.
Modding community that was not handcuffed by the developers.
Map making software that worked and produced beautiful maps for the time.
Building decoration that could be defined only by artwork.
Targeting laser.
Ability to actually target laser a target in order to help another teammate out in bombarding.
Missile launcher that is more intelligent than the Sabre Launcher by 900%
Grenade launcher that actually goes 200m.
Only hit scan weapon (which led to the game's demise) was the laser rifle.

TV $35
Configurable armor types.
Deployables (lots of them).
Different classes with Somewhat balanced strengths and weaknesses.
Vehicles that are actually fun to play (if not a bit strange).
Grapple Hook (really cool).
One of the best single player experience I have had (with a good story too).
Only automatic weapon was the chaingun which was abused with hacks almost as soon as it came out.

TA $30 + $15/month ($180/year)
Static armor classes that don't make sense.
One deployable which gets destroyed seconds after it's placed.
Buy your way to configuration.
Vehicles that are buggy and clunky.
Buy your way to experience conversion.
Best weapons are almost all hit-scan weapons.
Indirect weapons are almost always useful inside buildings (of which there are little of).
No ability (yet) to create your own LAN game and requires internet connection to play.
No modding allowed what so ever for this game.
No map editor (as of yet).
No disc or box to collect and put on your self.

Lesson: They should have just repackaged Tribes 2 by improving it's graphics (and that's it) and they would have made a lot of money. 
They had to go and reinvent the wheel by putting training wheels on it for players that don't know how to shoot a spinfuser to save their lives (literally). This smells like a cash in to me. Sorry I have to say it.

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