Thursday, January 12, 2012

I had an idea for a magic sword that is unique

The Chromatic Touch Blade
First found among the treasure of a deceased ancient Brass Dragon, the Chromatic Touch Blade, as it came to be called, has the ability to restore and free people touched by evil entrapment spells (not good entrapment spells or spells cast by a good aligned divine spell caster). Some say it was the sword of a fallen angel and some say it was divinely created and seeded among men to sow good among them. Others have wilder theories concerning this rare and unique blade. So far this blade stands among a few other blades in the care of Griffereth, a wise ancient brass dragon seeking a suitable partner for this most holy of blades...
+1 Adamantine Longsword.
1d6+1 base damage.
Lawful Good activates powers to the fullest.
+1 divine damage for every 4 levels of wielder and is good and holy aligned for overcoming damage reduction.
Neutral persons treat the sword as a +1 Adamantine Longsword.
Evil aligned individuals holding it take 1d4 points of holy damage per round and this damage cannot be overcome by any means of damage resistance. The sword is useless except as a +1 Adamantine Longsword to an evil aligned individual.
Ambient power (continuous no matter the alignment of the wielder): To a radius of 20 feet all good aligned individuals gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against fear, mind effecting and petrification attacks per 4 levels of lawful good wielder. For any other wielder with a differing alignment this ambient power is not activated.
On a touch attack that draws blood (1 point of damage) to an individual who has been entrapped by an evil spell  that is at least 2 less than the wielder's level (any spell that limits the person's freedom in any way - G.M. decides extent) the spell is then dispelled immediately and the individual returned to the pre-combat state. However, any damage done before the limiting spell was cast is still present as it is not a healing sword.
On a hit threat of a natural 20 against any evil aligned individual must roll a DC of 8 plus 1 DC per level of the lawful good wielder (to a maximum of DC 28) or be turned to dust where they stand. Those evil individuals that make the saving throw they take quadruple damage and individuals of a differing alignment except lawful good take double damage. This sword cannot harm lawful good individuals. This saving throw is charisma based.
On a 17-19 the sword has a threat to do double damage to  individuals of a differing alignment except lawful good and quadruple damage those of any evil alignment. Evil aligned individuals that are destroyed on the same round with this quadruple damage turn to dust and thus no way to resurrect them except through a wish. Again, this sword cannot harm lawful good individuals.
Once a day this sword may be used to conjure a wall of holy force that is 2 feet long and 2 foot high for every 3 levels of the individual wielding this weapon. The wall is a standard 5 feet thick. Individuals may pass through it unharmed if Good or Neutral aligned. However any evil aligned individual attempting to cross though it take 1d6 points of divine damage per 2 levels of the wielder of the weapon per round. The full effects of this wall of holy force may only be conjured by a lawful good aligned individual. A neutral good or chaotic good wielder may summon a wall of holy force but it is only 1/3 the size (rounded down) and does only 1d4 holy damage to evil aligned individuals per 3 levels of the wielder. Any good aligned wielder may summon this wall up to 5 feet away for every 2 levels of the wielder (to a maximum of 50 feet away).

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