Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little visiting the Archaic armor from the 2012-2022 military era

Here are archaic armor units from the OGRE/GEV universe. This era represents about tech level 9-10 for energy and tech level 13 for artificially intelligent technology.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Mobile Infantry - both Pan and Comb

Here is my mobile infantry, both Combine and Paneuropean. I am actually thinking of purchasing more infantry from Steve Jackson games and modifying them to be Nihon Mobile infantry. Maybe paint them in yellow with black highlights. I am going to paint Paneuropean Mobile Infantry Black with white and silver accents. I will them paint the Combine Mobile Infantry White with blue, gold and black accents. I still have a few patches of gold leaf left over from my commissioned piece I created for this one guy.

Now you can count for yourself how many infantry I have.
As I get some latex molding rubber and some resin compound I can mold in clay some Nihon creations and recreate them. I will probably use the base of some OGRE/GEV units for skirts and tracks and such. Then the top can be molded using various electronic scraps and plastic pieces from other models about the same scale ... 1/265th scale.

The Missile Tank Family

Here are the Missile Tanks. There are three varieties, light, standard, and superheavy missile tank.
The Klien, Ajax and Feder are the Paneuropean varieties. The Manticore, Banshee and Reflex are the Combine varieties. Below are a re-posting of the Nihon Missile Tank.
Light Missile Tank
2att, 1def, 3rng, 2mov, 3vp, 1siz
Missile Tank
3att, 1def, 4rng, 2mov, 6vp, 2siz
Super Heavy Missile Tank
5att, 1def, 6rng, 1mov, 12vp, 3siz
Nihon Missile Tank
(x2)4att, 2def, 3rng, 2mov, 9vp, 3siz

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just every one of us we want to know what our ultimate place is in the games we play. Why should a superheavy tank be any exception? There are at least three different versions of the Superheavy tank (see below) that I know of to this unique and quite powerful unit. It is quite powerful indeed. The next step is a relatively lightly armored (for OGRE standards) OGRE chassis ... the Mark 1. I would dare say that the "Thor" Superheavy is a Mark 1 with people inside. Why I don't see many Mark 1 OGREs with dual 3att/3rng guns is beyond me. Maybe they didn't want to change the specs too many times - I dunno.
Special not on the CRT as pertains to the Superheavy Tank:
To clarify on the SuperSuperHeavy, multiple D results don't stack on it. So any D disables it anew. even if it was already disabled.
NE => No effect

D => Disables, even if was disabled before. (Possibly extending disabled time.)
X => Lose one gun and one AP and disable or turn to hulk if was Xed before.
XX => Gone. (This is why I have XX on my CRT dice)

Has underwater movement as long as it does not stray no more than one hex from shore (continental shelf travel).

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 1.0  (Assault mode)
Defense: 5
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Two AP attacks: 1 each, Range 1 (2")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 15 (Two and a half "Armor Units")

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 2.0 (light version or 'strike' version)
Defense: 4
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Two AP attacks: 1 each, Range 1 (2")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 12 (Two "Armor Units")

SUPERHEAVY TANK (SHVY) 3.0 (Standard mode)
Defense: 5
Two gun attacks: 3 each, Range 3 (6")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 12 (Two "Armor Units")

Paneuro Superheavy Name Cyclops Variant
Defense: 4
One Main gun attack: 4, Range 3 (6")
Two External Missiles: 6 each, Range 5 (10")
Move: 3 (6") Movement Mode: OGRE
Size: 5 Points: 16 (2 2/3 "Armor Units")

But ... Hamsters are more than a match for any Superheavy crew. They will be overcome with "adorable shellshock" at the sight of this cuddle inspiring fuzzy siren on four legs...
... Rest in piece little Peaches. She was so fun to play with.

I now have a new OGRE/GEV hamster mascot for our gaming group named Apricot below...

You really want my opinion on which one to paint first says the expert miniatures hamster...
Take it or leave it - paint the Mark V first, Dave! And for squeakiness sake - use an undercoat when painting...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changes I would like to see in the Cobb Unit Creator...

As this Henry Cobb unit creator does so many cool things according to a formula I see that there a few more things that could be added in order to make it awesome!

Tell me what you guys think ... please. I would love to hear from Henry, the man himself, on whether he will tinker with this unit creator some more. I know he is probably busy - but it would be cool to have when OGRE 6.0 comes out and we will have minis from other games we would like to attribute stats to.

With these changes I could know really how much this Angriff wheeled light tank below is worth. For now I would guess it's worth 1 armor unit or 6 Cobb style victory points. It has a 1/1 AP 30mm gun with light missile pods somewhat like the missile tank. It has heavy suspension and solid BPC tires. It's tires external area is inflated to give it a smooth ride on solid, consistent surfaces - such as roads and lake beds. I assume it is size 3 since it can carry two squads of mobile infantry.

Those darned pocket OGRES!

I reach into my back pocket and I find more pocket OGRES. 
I might have to spray for cybernetic pests...
OGRES have a cool look to them as well! One could say they are nuclear!
Thought I would post this very cool picture of an OGRE that has the capability of transporting infantry and armored units.

I hope no one is offended by Catholic humor...

Someone mentioned in the forums that I make a counter for Mother Superior with a 4 foot long ruler...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New 6-Commando style GEV counters everyone! They sure look slick! I left then naming up to Mike, the creator of 6-Commando since they are his designs...

I decided to add another Paneuropean counter as an alternative Nihon counter style. Tell me what you guys this think of this counter unit style. I think it has cleaner lines and more attractive than the black and white bold look.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally a counter for the OGRE VII that has the correct silhouette! My source was this awesome model created by a most excellent fan of OGRE/GEV.
Here it is!

Mark VII
Combine (Late), never built.
Points: 250 (23 vp overloaded)
4 Missile Racks (D4) 0000
32 Missiles (6/5) 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
4 Main Battery (4/3 D4) 0000
12 Secondary Battery (3/2 D3) 0000 0000 0000
24 Antipersonnel (1/1 D1) 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
96 Tread Units (DEF at 1:1)
00000 00000 000000
00000 00000 000000
00000 00000 000000 M2
00000 00000 000000
00000 00000 000000
00000 00000 000000 M1

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The SU-90 Octopus!
I made the name below in black on white to signify that this is a Russian unit and not Paneuropean nor Combine.

Another unit(s) I made a counter for...
The Cyclops Superheavy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Big news" ... the peeps behind Tribes Ascend FINALLY listened to their players and created 'loadouts' where you can quickly select a specific set of weapons with just a press of a key. I said this I think LAST YEAR. This is the problem with these guys. They miss the mark and then hit it later after hundreds or even thousands of hours of play has happened - making the game a generally different game now.

It would be like changing the size of the goal in Soccer to double it's size after playing it for 60 years.

Good job - you FINALLY listened to good ideas. Now do this more often...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New counter for VTOL air units in OGRE/GEV, as rare as they are...
The AH-64 Apache.
I just threw this out there in case there was interest.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mark 2 "Mike" special OGRE

Echo Class Autonomous Armored Vehicle
United Nations Alliance, United States, Omni-Vehicular Corsortium
(4200 tons but classified) but 565 Imperial Tons weight in propaganda...
45'-4" x 130'8" x 40'2"
Mike Echo Class Cybertank
60 vp (57 Cobbs)
3 External Exocet "Fortitude" multi-warhead missiles launchers* ((x12) 0.5 / 5, D3 for each missile pod)
0 0 0
1 Bofors 18" smooth-bore cannon Heavy Main Battery (5/4 D5)
1 anti-missile Sikkei "Sunfire" Interceptor Laser Projector (2/7 D3, line of sight only)
4 Antipersonnel 33mm Infinite Repeaters (1/2 D1, vs inf only)
0 0 0 0
45 Tread Units (DEF at 1:1)
0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 M3
0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 M2
0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 M1
[] M0?
*OK, so I looked at the comic and it seems the missile pod for the Exocet on this cybertank fires a missile that fires similarly to ta CBU-97 antitank cluster bomb of today. Each missile has 12 smaller missiles of 0.5 attack strength and 5 range. They may be fired at independent targets within a two hex radius of the largest flight of missiles. A missile may not be used against any targets outside of the original five hex range. So no flying the parent missile to five hexes and releasing the smaller missiles to gain an extra two hexes.All targets much be at most two hexes away from each other and no more than five hexes away from the firing tubes. I know it is rather unique to have a ½ strength weapon, nevertheless I wanted the missile to have the same 6 attack strength of a Rattler but the flexibility of a cluster munition. If a 'mini-missile', ½ strength, of this type attacks treads, structural points or anything that acts as hit points for the purposes of incremental damage, any ½ strength left over is rounded down. 
Here is an example of the Mike Mark II firing just ONE Exocet "Fortitude" multi-warhead missile.
Click on this picture for more detail.

No attacking an OGRE's treads with one of these at ½ strength and doing ½ tread damage. One Exocet 'mini missile' cannot take out one unit of tread points, two must be used. Flexibility of attack has it's costs...
Modified to make it more powerful 17May2012.
I talked with the person who made the comic strip and he said that those missiles are no ordinary missiles. They are MIRVs so to speak. Each missile has some missiles inside of them that launch from the original missile when they are fired out of the missile 'box'.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nihon Counter spread 2.0 Explanations as well.

Here we have the Nihon core units. Infantry battlesuits that are slightly different than Combine and Paneuropean except that they have a capability to venture out one hex into any water mass as if it was clear terrain. The Nihons have developed the GEV quite a bit since they live so near water. They made their units with quality over quantity and the victory point cost reflects this.
The Howitzers for the Nihon military. They have a bit more range and the cost reflects this. As you can tell the VPs are calculated at 9vp = 1 armor unit and 4.5vp=1/2 armor units.

I know, the Coalacanth OGRES are not Nihon. I am working on the Nihon OGRE silhouettes. If someone has art associated with the Nihon OGRES, please share!
The Infantry missiles are two shot units but one use. The cost of the unit reflects this as well. The counters for the missiles are provided since several missile units for the Nihon army use them as a one use tactical option.  I print off about 12 of them so I can place them on top of units that do indeed shoot 3/4 missiles as a one-shot offensive option. A Nihon Command post has the same stats as a Combine and Paneuropean except that some of them are underwater capable! Try working THAT into a campaign!

Friday, May 11, 2012

How a hex clear paper overlay would work

Let the pictures tell it all!
This is the clear overlay I printed out and a map of the surrounding area of Tillamook, Oregon ...
 about to be under Nihon attack!
A close up of how the clear plastic hex sheet is separate than the underlying sheet. Now I printed in greyscale since I don't own a color printer right now (saving up for a color laser printer!).

118 victory points worth of units were added to formulate a scenario where the Nihon Empire would have attacked the beach near Tillamook, Oregon and the Combine units mustered to defend this small dairy town...

The Combine side of things with the factory they are protecting, that happens to make cheese and ice cream for 90% of the Combine war effort. A valuable prize indeed!

The Nihon side and the beach head. Notice the liberal use of CRT dice, grease crayons and GEVs on the side of the Nihon empire. Will they make it to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and seize milk production? The green coloring is forest, the black lines are roads drawn in and the "C" hexes are urban or city hexes.The blue lines are both the coastal divide and the streams large enough to matter. The scale on this map is exactly matched to 16mm=1500m for the google earth map printed out underneath. Cool huh? Imagine what maps you could play with a COLOR PRINTER!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Militia and how our gaming group moves them.
OK, militia move at one half movement per turn. How do we represent that on the hex board? well, how we have done it instead of 'ready' and 'unready' is to treat the lines between hexes as place where 1/2 movement can be placed. Consider the illustration below.
There are rules, however, to this method.
Think of the line between hexes to be the progress of the unit with fractional movement.
Company A is moving out of the urban area. This company is 3/4 into the plains and thus have no defensive bonus from the city since it is less than 75% in the city. It takes 4 turns to move out of the city into plain ground. Company A's defense is 1.
Company B is 3/4 in the city, gains the defensive bonus from being in the urban sprawl and is 1/4 into the plains. Company B's defense is 2.
Company C is placed so that is 50% of the way into the forest. It has spent two turns to do this since it takes 4 turns to completely enter the forest. Once all four turns have been spent the militia may board trucks on the road or even walk on the road itself which acts as plain ground. Since this company is less than 75% into the forest there is no defensive bonus. Company C has a defense of 1 in this case.
Company D is in a hex and not in transition. No defensive bonus and thus it's defense is 1.
Company E is placed so that is 75% of the way into the next patch of forest. This next patch, however, has a road running through it. It has spent three turns to enter this new patch of forest since it takes 4 turns to completely enter the next hex of forest. Once all four turns have been spent, the militia may board vehicles on the road or even walk on the road itself which acts as plain ground. Since this company is indicated at least 75% into the next forest and 25% in the last patch of forest both hexes act together and the defense of this Company C is still 2.
Company F is crossing a stream. Since streams offer no impediment to militia it will reach the next hex next turn no matter the 'progress over the line' of the counter since it only takes two turns to enter the next hex.
Treat the line between hexes as however many hexes as you wish equal to the fractional value of the movement. If it takes 4 turns to enter forest, urban area, rubble or swamp, let the counter reflect it's progress. I hope I have made myself clear.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The OGRE Mark VII Coelacanth!

by ~MrAverage

OGRE Mark VII Coelacanth
Points: 500 (500vp w/63vp overloaded), Size 9, Ram 9d6 (from speed+size)

2 Missile Racks (D4)
20 Internal Missiles
00000 00000 00000 00000
3 Main Battery (4/3 D4)
8 Secondary Battery (3/2 D3)
0000 0000
12 Antipersonnel (1/1 D1)
0000 0000 0000

100 Propulsion Units (DEF at 1:1)
000000 000000 000000 M3/2
000000 000000 000000 M2/2
000000 000000 000000 M2/1
000000 000000 000000 M1/1
000000 000000 000000 M1