Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changes I would like to see in the Cobb Unit Creator...

As this Henry Cobb unit creator does so many cool things according to a formula I see that there a few more things that could be added in order to make it awesome!

Tell me what you guys think ... please. I would love to hear from Henry, the man himself, on whether he will tinker with this unit creator some more. I know he is probably busy - but it would be cool to have when OGRE 6.0 comes out and we will have minis from other games we would like to attribute stats to.

With these changes I could know really how much this Angriff wheeled light tank below is worth. For now I would guess it's worth 1 armor unit or 6 Cobb style victory points. It has a 1/1 AP 30mm gun with light missile pods somewhat like the missile tank. It has heavy suspension and solid BPC tires. It's tires external area is inflated to give it a smooth ride on solid, consistent surfaces - such as roads and lake beds. I assume it is size 3 since it can carry two squads of mobile infantry.

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