Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nihon Counter spread 2.0 Explanations as well.

Here we have the Nihon core units. Infantry battlesuits that are slightly different than Combine and Paneuropean except that they have a capability to venture out one hex into any water mass as if it was clear terrain. The Nihons have developed the GEV quite a bit since they live so near water. They made their units with quality over quantity and the victory point cost reflects this.
The Howitzers for the Nihon military. They have a bit more range and the cost reflects this. As you can tell the VPs are calculated at 9vp = 1 armor unit and 4.5vp=1/2 armor units.

I know, the Coalacanth OGRES are not Nihon. I am working on the Nihon OGRE silhouettes. If someone has art associated with the Nihon OGRES, please share!
The Infantry missiles are two shot units but one use. The cost of the unit reflects this as well. The counters for the missiles are provided since several missile units for the Nihon army use them as a one use tactical option.  I print off about 12 of them so I can place them on top of units that do indeed shoot 3/4 missiles as a one-shot offensive option. A Nihon Command post has the same stats as a Combine and Paneuropean except that some of them are underwater capable! Try working THAT into a campaign!

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