Friday, May 11, 2012

How a hex clear paper overlay would work

Let the pictures tell it all!
This is the clear overlay I printed out and a map of the surrounding area of Tillamook, Oregon ...
 about to be under Nihon attack!
A close up of how the clear plastic hex sheet is separate than the underlying sheet. Now I printed in greyscale since I don't own a color printer right now (saving up for a color laser printer!).

118 victory points worth of units were added to formulate a scenario where the Nihon Empire would have attacked the beach near Tillamook, Oregon and the Combine units mustered to defend this small dairy town...

The Combine side of things with the factory they are protecting, that happens to make cheese and ice cream for 90% of the Combine war effort. A valuable prize indeed!

The Nihon side and the beach head. Notice the liberal use of CRT dice, grease crayons and GEVs on the side of the Nihon empire. Will they make it to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and seize milk production? The green coloring is forest, the black lines are roads drawn in and the "C" hexes are urban or city hexes.The blue lines are both the coastal divide and the streams large enough to matter. The scale on this map is exactly matched to 16mm=1500m for the google earth map printed out underneath. Cool huh? Imagine what maps you could play with a COLOR PRINTER!

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