Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Missile Tank Family

Here are the Missile Tanks. There are three varieties, light, standard, and superheavy missile tank.
The Klien, Ajax and Feder are the Paneuropean varieties. The Manticore, Banshee and Reflex are the Combine varieties. Below are a re-posting of the Nihon Missile Tank.
Light Missile Tank
2att, 1def, 3rng, 2mov, 3vp, 1siz
Missile Tank
3att, 1def, 4rng, 2mov, 6vp, 2siz
Super Heavy Missile Tank
5att, 1def, 6rng, 1mov, 12vp, 3siz
Nihon Missile Tank
(x2)4att, 2def, 3rng, 2mov, 9vp, 3siz

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