Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Mobile Infantry - both Pan and Comb

Here is my mobile infantry, both Combine and Paneuropean. I am actually thinking of purchasing more infantry from Steve Jackson games and modifying them to be Nihon Mobile infantry. Maybe paint them in yellow with black highlights. I am going to paint Paneuropean Mobile Infantry Black with white and silver accents. I will them paint the Combine Mobile Infantry White with blue, gold and black accents. I still have a few patches of gold leaf left over from my commissioned piece I created for this one guy.

Now you can count for yourself how many infantry I have.
As I get some latex molding rubber and some resin compound I can mold in clay some Nihon creations and recreate them. I will probably use the base of some OGRE/GEV units for skirts and tracks and such. Then the top can be molded using various electronic scraps and plastic pieces from other models about the same scale ... 1/265th scale.

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 Ashley said...

Nothing like a little bit of ambition! I'm also thinking about a Nihon force, or possibly an Arabic, or New Israeli force. Undecided at this point in time.