Saturday, June 2, 2012

Right now I am buying miniatures for my archaic armor collection.

Imagine, navagating this for real. Click the "Micro Modern Armor" and you can! Don't worry they don't pay me - they are just an awesome website.
Right now I am buying miniatures for my archaic armor collection. If you want wish to know the seller, he is here and is very detailed in their work! I was surpassing surprise as the detail when I surfed "Micro Modern Armor" and have already order over a dozen piece of their work. They also sell pieces that could certainly be used in the game of Axis and Allies and each piece would be era AND country accurate. Excellent place! Their prices are also reasonable in that for $5-7 you can get 3-6 miniatures of almost any conceivable tank, airplane or ship within the last 90 years!
All the miniatures I have bought from there are 1/285th scale. This means they are compatible with OGRE/GEV miniatures, the game.
You have to check it out. I WILL post pictures when my package arrives of my M-1A1 AbramsLAV-25 8x8 APC Armored Carrier (Striker with a gun turret), Merkava Main Battle Tank and 86 infantry (with 36 being LT AA AT and TOW 2). In the future I will get the M270 MLRS Multiple Rocket Launchers System (MLRS) and the M109A2 Armored Artillery Vehicle(Paladin) and maybe some M1A1 155mm Long Tom Artillery Cannon (Long Tom).
 I will use the 86 odd amoutnt of 1/285th scale infantry as militia and all that. Maybe these vehicles will inspire me to make some archaic armor meets modern armor from OGRE/GEV in Africa, Asia, South America or even on islands of the sea. The possibilities are almost endless! To many armies too poor to afford proper from the floor up modern armor will have upgrades archaic armor in their inventories.

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