Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A list of all my miniatures

2 Ogre Mark I
2 Ogre Mark II
1 Ogre Mark III
1 Ogre Mark IIIb
1 Ogre Mark IV
2 Ogre Mark V
1 Ogre Ninja
1 Ogerethulhu Ogre Mark 5
1 Ogre Vulcan
1 Dopplesoldner
1 Fencer
1 Fencer B
3 Swimming OGRE towers
1 Vulvan Drone
2 Wheeled Truck
2 Loose Cargo - Personnel Carrier
1 Loose Cargo - Rounded Canvas Top
1 Loose Cargo - Squared Canvas Top
1 Loose Cargo - Tanker
1 Loose Cargo - LAD unassembled
1 Combine Command Post
1 Combine Alamo Superheavy Tank
2 Combine Ranger Heavy Tank
2 Combine Yankee Light Tank
1 Combine Roadrunner GEV-PC
7 Combine Raptor GEV
5 Combine Gremlin LGEV
1 Combine Banshee Missile Tank
2 Combine Bigfoot Mobile Howitzer
1 Combine Minotaur Howitzer
1 Combine Light Artillery Drone
21 Combine Heavy Infantry
298 Combine Mobile Infantry
2 Combine Hovertruck
1 Combine Laser Turret
0 Combine Laser Tower
1 Paneorupean Command Post
1 Paneorupean Thor Superheavy Tank
2 Paneorupean Jaeger Heavy Tank
1 Paneorupean Hammer Light Tank
1 Paneorupean Seguro GEV-PC
6 Paneorupean Galahad GEV
4 Paneorupean Cossack LGEV
1 Paneorupean Ajax Missile Tank
2 Paneorupean Eisenfaust Mobile Howizter
1 Paneorupean Arquebus Howizter
19 Paneorupean Heavy Infantry
295 Paneorupean Mobile Infantry
... SJGames Warehouse 23

2 Travellers 100 Ton Scout
... gift

1 NOVA Corp Sergeant
 ... http://www.battlemart.com

4 Hammer Slammers Blower Tank
4 Hammer Slammers Commander Blower Tank
4 Hammer Slammers Commander Combat Car
4 Hammer Slammers Tank Destroyer
4 Hammer Slammers Combat Car
4 Hammer Slammers Hog
1 Hammer Slammers Truck
... http://www.oldcrowmodels.co.uk/

4 M1A1 Abrams MBT with 120mm
3 M270 MLRS Multiple Rocket Launchers System
6 M998 HMMV 4 Man Soft Top Transport
4 M113 armored personnel carrier - TOW
36 LT AA AT and TOW 2 (Infantry)
4 M35A2 2.5 Ton 6x6 Transport
4 Israeli Merkava main battle tank
6 LAV-25 8x8 APC Armored Carrier
4 M109A2 Armored Artillery Vehicle
4 M901 Tank Destroyer
50 Ground Infantry
4 M1A1 Howitzer Artillery Cannon 8"Bore

... http://www.odinartcollectables.com

Other stuff:
2      Ral Partha Battletech Miniature Mech
1      1987 Locust Mechwarrior Miniature Mech

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here are some funny pics of my Dopp...

I thought you all would enjoy these photos!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updated and cleaned up representation of my various dice sticker faces

Here is an updated and cleaned up representation of my various dice sticker faces. You can use this to determine what stickers you want and such.
Erased, Retired, Shelled and Flattened sticker styles.

Cratered, Bordered Cratered, Flamed and Blasted sticker styles.

Bomberman, Nuked, Hacked and Smitten sticker styles.

Terminated and Rubbed Out sticker styles.
I hope this helps people determine what styles they wish. Another thing they might remember is to tell me, in millimeters, the size of the dice sticker. I usually put out 12.7mm (1/2 inch) and 13.5mm (for those indented dice here).