Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outdoor Night Game Ideas 1

OK, when I was younger and my younger siblings were just into their tweens, I was a good by inventing very cool ways we could play outside. This did both to take advantage of the beautiful weather as well as bond with other people in the neighborhood.
Now that my siblings are older with families of their own, we still follow this tradition of playing outside just as the sun went down. Nope! We don't watch TV or play video games - we play NIGHT GAMES!
Some of the notable examples of these really cool get to gethers are the following:

Sardines, Hide and go seek, Kick the can, Hide the glow in the dark objects and glow-in-the-dark ball tag.

I have invented a new game that requires just a few things. This way you can play kick the can or nerf gun fights on any lawn.

Barrier ball
You can either try to knock out of play the other players or use up your foam ball trying to 'capture' forts.  Once a barrier has been claimed by a team it takes at least two players to 'capture' it by each person placing a foam ball on the top of each post. Once 'captured' no one person from the other team may hide behind it.
Items needed: 
Four foot high poles pushed about one foot into the ground with a sheet of plastic between them that is about 6 feet long creates a sort of fence. This acts like a three foot high barrier that is six feet long that would block any thrown objects (like airsoft, nerf or foam throw balls) from contacting the person on the other side.
Twelve foam balls or a set of nerf guns that are similar for each side.

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