Friday, January 20, 2012

I have found political entries to be offending.

From now on no political or religious posts will be made on this blog. It offended a few people and as I really made this blog for OGRE/GEV and other assorted games, I found that offending the few people that read this blog would be counterproductive.
It seems I have moved more towards political issues than gaming issues and I believe this has offended some people. I built this blog to give people more information about gaming of many genres, more importantly science fiction gaming.
To the people who I removed their comment: forgive me. I really am new at this whole blog thing. I thought I needed to remove comments before I deleted the blog entry. I may have seemed like I was censoring you (I didn't mean to do that) so please put your comment back up on this post.
Thank you for looking at my OGRE stuff and forgive me, Swanditch, for inadvertently censoring your comment.