Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to save Tribes Ascend

How to save Tribes Ascend:
1. Offer a third loadout of any weapon you wish you are not holding already.
2. Increase the blast radius of sticky grenades, increase the firing arc (making them TRUE indirect fire weapons) and lower the rate of fire on the triple fire.
3. Decrease the rate of fire of the ThumperDX, decrease the damage and increase the blast radius. This would make this weapon a good area of denial weapon.
4. Mortars and Grenade launchers that are not sticky should have a way longer range. The range on the mortar is 200m at BEST and that is abyssal. That is on par than the GRENADE LAUNCHER in Tribes 2! Increase the Mortar to 400m and the Grenade launcher to 200m.
5. Decrease the rate of fire of SMG and anything that shoots rapidly reduce it's accurate range to 50m. Out to 100m the accuracy should be abysmal.
6. Make the bullet fly at 800-1200 ft/sec (you know like REAL bullets) and not at speeds exceeding the speed of light. Also make the bullets actually DROP DOWN with range. If you are going to shoe horn in modern warfare looking weapons into a science fiction game, at least make the physics work correctly.
7. Assign more points to those who take care of the base.
8. Put more deployables that can be placed by the engineer.
9. Included a profanity filter.
10. Decrease the tone needed to lock on a missile by 2 seconds and give every suit 3 flare grenades. No more having to stop, look up and fire at a missile coming at you. Oh yeah, make the missile SMART like in Tribes 2. Make it actually GO OVER a hill instead of stupidly crashing into in 75% of the time. Maybe give it 2-3 maneuvering actions to avoid obstacles before it 'crashes'?
11. Give only 10% kill credit to those that kill other players in a tank. It's way too easy to spam that cannon for easy kills.
12. Put back in items like the satchel charge, shocklance, deployable sensors and mines - you know things that Tribes is SUPPOSED to have.
13. Put higher skilled persons in a separate server and anyone who is new or does poorly should be in servers automatically with players who score less than stellar. This does two things. First, people have fun playing against people of their own skill level. Second, once a player becomes really good he graduates into a higher skill bracket.
14. Add bots that are variably intelligent.
15. Make the vehicles more difficult to drive (like in T2). This will cut down on n00bs getting kills they should not get accidentally.
One last thing: I understand that they are looking for a wider audience who does not have all day mastering a game with a steep learning curve. Nevertheless this is not a reason to make it Halo Reach on with jet packs.
Where is the box, DVD and single player story that taught people how to use the different classes? I want a box to put on my shelf with Starsiege Tribes 1, Tribes 2, Tribes Vengeance (the red-headed step child no one really liked in multi-player but single player rocked!) and finally Tribes Ascend.