Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I think about TA right now...

OK, The Sabre missile launcher in tribes Ascend...

When I ever got into the Doombringer suit (AKA the N00b Suit) I had lots of guilty fun spamming the chaingun (AKA The automatic sniper weapon) with it's near unlimited ammo supply. I could gun down about 5 or 6 tribesmen at the range of the underpowered Fusion Mortar range with extreme accuracy before I prance to the nearest inventory station for more ammo. 
What this reminds me of is the Tribes Vengeance chaingun hack. You see, In that abysmal game that I would not touch even if it had boobs, Tribes Vengeance had a chaingun that was supposed to be inaccurate. Someone found a way (they always do) to fire it in controlled bursts as the first few bullets were dead center. This means that first 3-4 bullets hit exactly where you pointed - even in zoom mode - yes - an automatic sniper rifle that did not require energy. This, among other things, killed the game.
The other weapon this suit carries is the energy crossbow. This made the Fusion Mortar obsolete but that is for another discussion.
The weapon I think what balances all these OP weapons carried by this n00b suit is a weapon whose AI guidance system was inspired by the brain template of the average 13 year old Halo player. 
I am, of course, talking about the Sabre Launcher.

Remember that skill chart? I amended it!

Open picture in new tab if you want it larger.
I thought I would make the top chart more detailed.
Please leave comments on how I can improve this method of GMing. I try to be a fair and just GM and the players who play with me seem to be more than satisfied with my quality of adventure creations. They like the fact that I am not afraid to dispatch their player character if they are reckless.