Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Mobile Infantry - both Pan and Comb

Here is my mobile infantry, both Combine and Paneuropean. I am actually thinking of purchasing more infantry from Steve Jackson games and modifying them to be Nihon Mobile infantry. Maybe paint them in yellow with black highlights. I am going to paint Paneuropean Mobile Infantry Black with white and silver accents. I will them paint the Combine Mobile Infantry White with blue, gold and black accents. I still have a few patches of gold leaf left over from my commissioned piece I created for this one guy.

Now you can count for yourself how many infantry I have.
As I get some latex molding rubber and some resin compound I can mold in clay some Nihon creations and recreate them. I will probably use the base of some OGRE/GEV units for skirts and tracks and such. Then the top can be molded using various electronic scraps and plastic pieces from other models about the same scale ... 1/265th scale.

The Missile Tank Family

Here are the Missile Tanks. There are three varieties, light, standard, and superheavy missile tank.
The Klien, Ajax and Feder are the Paneuropean varieties. The Manticore, Banshee and Reflex are the Combine varieties. Below are a re-posting of the Nihon Missile Tank.
Light Missile Tank
2att, 1def, 3rng, 2mov, 3vp, 1siz
Missile Tank
3att, 1def, 4rng, 2mov, 6vp, 2siz
Super Heavy Missile Tank
5att, 1def, 6rng, 1mov, 12vp, 3siz
Nihon Missile Tank
(x2)4att, 2def, 3rng, 2mov, 9vp, 3siz