Friday, July 6, 2012

Miniatures! Hammers Slammers, 2012 armor & power armor!

Here are my  Hammer's Slammers   "Blower Tanks" with their iridium turrets. Behind them are the scout cars (unpainted). In the foreground is a squad of 8 modern infantry (two per magnet) on a washer painted over with a paint that looks like grassy ground when sprayed - perfect for simulating ground under a miniature. I left the turret off of one of the "Blower Tanks" to show the magnet setup I used. The turret stays on the base and rotates freely.

Here are the M1A Abram tanks as well as their allies next to them - the very cool Merkava Israeli tank. I have a special place in my heart for the state of Israel. God's chosen people.

A closer look at the Hammer's Slammers Blower Tanks.

Good overview of all of them. Note the magnet setup used on my 1/300 scale MLRS. I believe all these models are to scale. Note how large the 1 ton battle-suits of the 2060 future compared to regular infantry or even to modern tanks.