Monday, July 30, 2012

OK, here are my specially made dice.

Here are the dice I have made so far but with the power of visio pro I can make practically any stickers for dice, laminate them and roll em in the game!
The uncut, laminated and printed stickers before they are carefully placed on the blank dice.

These dice were created to randomly determine what an OGRE will do during a solo game.

This dice is designed to determine what unit types are available for reinforcements during a game of OGRE/GEV.
Battletech style.
Asimov style.
Gone Medieval Style.
OGRE Style.
Practice Dice Style.
OGRE black and white Style.
Terminated Style.
Hacked Style.

Another shot of CRT dice I have created using laminated stickers printed with CRT dice designs. Makes the game of OGRE/GEV much smoother and simple.

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