Monday, December 30, 2013

GEV Howizter

GEV Howitzer:
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Range: 6
Movement: 3/2 
Firing the howitzer forgoes the first movement phase. This means that the unit may fire and retreat 2 hexes (or advance).
Cost: 6 v.p., 1 armor unit

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OGRE/GEV retaliation combat idea

You know, I was looking at the combat where the one who moves first usually wins first.
This is what I find when I play a scenario without OGREs.
What if ... the targeted unit about to 'get it' had a chance to squeeze off a round or two before they get the old nuclear knock at their door?
The range has to be equal or less than the attacking unit.
Unit A attacks Unit B.
If Unit A gets a X result on the CRT, Unit B still has a chance to attack them back but at a -2 on the CRT roll.
If Unit A get a DIS on the CRT against Unit B, Unit B still has a chance to attack them but at a -1 on the CRT roll.
If Unit A gets a NE on the CRT against Unit B, Unit B has no retaliation at all since they were not targeted correctly, the signal got echoed or any other reason you can think of on the chaotic environment of the modern nuclear battlefield.
It is well possible for a slew of units to attack each other and the attacker end up with 50% of it's force left viable for the next turn. In this way, more strategic moves are made and more thought put into a fight other than "move all units possible against these few for an easy win."
This way with retaliation in effect, no attack is "free".
I kind of borrowed this from Axis and Allies and how they resolve combat. It made sense to me as on this modern nuclear battlefield, computers would determine and fix rounds as they left their launchers and roughly triangulate their course back. No more rush in, do super damage and rush out anymore. This time each attack must be calculated with risk involved.
Try this if you want a challenge and a way to shake up the OGRE/GEV battleground!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh, PayPal, how we hate and love you...

I have not been scammed by PayPal ... yet. I have heard many horrible stories about this company who poses as a bank.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My computer hangs and stutters...

I just installed my fresh OS of Windows XP 3 days ago.
It stutters and has the performance of a 400mhz computer. This makes me very angry as just a few hours ago I was playing a game at about 65 fps.
I have no answer and I really cannot trust anyone or any company for support of my computer. It is distressing to say the least. I THINK it's Steam but I am not sure.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I think of AVG and companies like it...

This is what I think of applications that change stuff without your permission on your computer.

Monday, October 21, 2013

OK, I found a new game called "Left 4 Dead" and I bought both 1 and 2 for $30. I was playing the first one for a few hours with NO problem. I enjoyed the single player campaign with the three other bots they gave me. It was really easy but I was into smashing zombies.
Then I installed a mod for Left 4 Dead 2. You would think that a company like Valve would ensure consistency of performance of their product as well as the graphic quality and gameplay. Well, with these titles, Valve gets 2/3. Both games CRASH for reasons completely unknown to me. There I am playing for about three hours and I'm about to get into a really exciting buildup to a last battle before ...
... blank screen.
Computer restarts.
As the windows startup little song comes on, my anger builds until ... well I now no longer have a mug that says "good dude" anymore.
The following motivational poster shows how frustrated I am in a company that I KNOW prides itself on quality and positive fastidious level design.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Far Cry 3 cheater caught in co-op play...

I was trying to enjoy a game of co-op sniping and then some guys started getting EVERY one of the pirates with one shot and even stealing kills from others.
Aleksey18031991 seems to think that cheating it OK as long no one reports it. I could have gotten some cool stuff - and I am usually the one who gets most of the kills on this - 20 on average. This guy stunned me so much on his blatant cheating I just stood there looking for my camera to shoot this for evidence.
Some people just cannot help themselves when it comes to stealing enjoyment from others in a game.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The blight on the gaming scene called GFWL

Games for windows live...
Forces you to update or you cannot play or save your games.
You could lose the ability to even play single player if they decide if you have played long enough and want you to switch to another product.
They wish to take freedoms you enjoy now and then later sell them back to you in a greedy attempt to get something you once owned for nothing though conning you and lying to you.
Always on DRM prevents piracy and helps us make better games for you.
You must update in order for your games to save.

ANY program can be directly copied simply onto a hard drive and be run independatly. My dream is to crack every game and pay the author their due then the game is MINE.

When I buy a game that code is mine. It's not mine for a just a short time or until the company who made it decided that they don't want me to use it anymore. When i gave them money it's not to rent, it is to buy. I will resell it or give it to anyone else I wish and they will not stop me, ever. That is my freedom that is in iron and will not be infringed upon.
Every greedy company that has tried to greedily implement always on DRM will always fail.
Blizzard with Diablows 3.
Micro$oft with the X-Box One (terrible package). They lied to everyone and even tried to buy out programmers to sabotage Sony. Disgusting.
Do not be seduced by always on DRM unless you use Steam (or some other legit and moral model). Micro$oft has NO business in making games or anything other the operating systems.
They have NO right, legal or otherwise, in telling me what to do with software I bought.
We will fight until all software is this way.
Just say not o always on DRM and worthless frontends that limit your gameplay. Do anything you wish but you must but never give money to companies to support Windows Live or any other 'no choice' frontends bundled with games you BOUGHT. If you buy just ONE game with GFWL then they have power to do it other legit titles.
That is the truth about Micro$oft. They desire to take everything about your computer that is powerful and then sell back to your own rights. This is what greedy men do to make money in giving little in return except the very rights you should have had in the first place.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rules for playing games:

Rules for online games
1. Do not insult others. Make honest suggestions without sarcasm that will help them improve their game. Insult and degrading people not only makes you look like a person not worthy of knowing but it feeds hostility in an otherwise potential pleasant activity. Putting down others serves no purpose other than to validate your own low self esteem by lowing others below you. Most people will not allow you do to this. Don't be a bully.
2. Do not feed trolls. If someone is purposely degrading the game for you or others, either quit playing, seek positive action from others to remove them, mute them if the abuse stems from communication or offer to help them with their frustrations while staying positive. Trolls hate it when people are nice to them in the face of their abuse. It is tempting to abuse them back but this opens up more problems than I can list here.
3. Ask for help. If you are frustrated in how to play a game, ask for assistance from other players. Most are more than happy to help you. People love to show how much they know. 
4. Remove yourself if you are raging. If you are angry that your actions did not yield your desired result in game and you are not enjoying yourself, then engage in something else. Sometimes life can make you frustrated with life and joining a game to vent your frustrations at others is wrong. Being angry at others always yields two results: #1: People will make fun of you, thus increasing your rage. #2: You will say things to innocent people that will hurt them - for no reason. You will even possibly ruin your chances in playing the game in the future through being banned or similar actions.
5. Support others. Try to support other players on your team and not seek gain over the team's need to win. Additionally, seek to create enjoyment for other players and you will find yourself with more online buddies to enjoy your leisure activity with!
6. Enjoy yourself. If you are stressed out, angry and frustrated most of the time you are playing a game, then it's not a leisure activity, it's a job.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I thought I would make a demotivational 
poster for Warhammer 40k...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alternative ammo for the mine layer!

OK, so you have those spider mines, beacon mines, napalm mines and even Spear 1000 mines. There is much variety to mines in Car Wars.
What about specialty mines in which you want a smoke cloud to appear between you and your opponent in the event he gets close to your mine trap? How about a mine that you lay down in the midst of a hostile crowd and wish to sow confusion? Heck, why not make lay down some annoying paint clouds without even being close to your enemy?
Well, here at Toltrin Industries you can!
We have several alternative ammunition for that standard mine layer. Each mine has intelligent little brains on it to detect either movement near it or any other energy signature.
A specialty mine costs $50 + the ammo cost of the ammunition it is to replace. A specialty mine weighs the weight of the mine plus the weight of the special ammo divided by two.
Example: A Paint Spray shot costs $10 and weighs 2 lbs. A mine shot costs $50 and weighs 5 lbs. A paint mine would cost ($50+$10) = $60 and weigh ((5 lbs +2 lbs) / 2 ) = 3.5 lbs, or 4 lbs (round up).
A cluster grenade mine has up to five grenades that operate at 67% the strength per a thrown grenade and no matter what the grenades, it always adds 5 lbs to the 5 lbs mine. The cost of a cluster grenade mine shot is equal to 1/3 the cost of five thrown versions of the grenade (rounded up) plus $50.
Paint Mines
Alternative ammo for the mine layer. If an enemy vehicle is up to 2" away and is about to run over the paint mines, the mines have a specially tuned motion sensor that senses movement only coming towards it within about 60°. When the vehicle comes within 2" (30') of the mines, they detonate, creating a ¾" x ¾" paint cloud. If the vehicle runs through the cloud, it acts on the car as a normal paint spray. Detonation does no damage to any vehicle components but does 1 hit damage to any unarmored pedestrians within 1" of it, covers them in paint, blinds them on a 1-4 on d6 (-6 to hit) for 2 seconds and knocks them on their butt for those two seconds 1-3 on d6.
CPS $60, WPS 4 lbs
Smoke Mines
Alternative mine layer. Detonates upon command of gunner or driver or can be set to detonate if any vehicle comes within 1" (15') of the mines. Creates a ¾" x ¾" smoke cloud that dissipates after 60 seconds. Detonation does no damage to any vehicle components but does 1 hit damage to any unarmored pedestrians within 1" of it as well as knocks the pedestrian down on a 1-3 on d6. If pedestrian is within the smoke cloud, they cannot shoot at anything (they are coughing and struggling for breath!).
CPS $60, WPS 5 lbs
Chaff Mines
Alternative mine layer. Detonates upon command of gunner or driver or can be set to detonate if any vehicle or missile comes within 1" (15') of the mines (must choose before dropped). The mine can detect radar guided missiles and detonate the same phase that the missile comes within 1" (15') of the deployed chaff mines. Detonation creates a ¾" x ¾" chaff cloud that dissipates after 2 phases. Detonation does no damage to any vehicle components nor to pedestrians. However, if a pedestrian is within 1" (15') of a chaff cloud that detonates, the pedestrian is knocked to the ground and disabled for 2 seconds on a 1-3 on d6.
CPS $60, WPS 4 lbs
Cluster Fragmentation Mine
Alternative mine layer. Detonates upon command of gunner or driver or can be set to detonate if any vehicle comes within 1" (15') of the mines (must choose before dropped). Creates five grenades that spring out and detonate after 2 phases. Each grenade is smaller than a thrown one but there are five of them. Each grenade does 1d6-2 (67% the strength of a thrown fragmentation grenade but minimum 1 damage) to vehicle components within 1/2" of the grenade detonation and 1d6-2 (minimum 1 damage) to all non-vehicular components within 2" burst.
CPS $92, WPS 10 lbs
The spread of each grenade is determines by rolling for die for distance (1d6x1/4" distance on each) and roll another numerical dice (one without pips) and align the direction of the grenade with numeral printed on the rolled dice.
Oil Mine
Alternative ammo for the mine layer. If an enemy vehicle is up to 2" away and is about to run over the oil mines, the mines have a specially tuned motion sensor that senses movement only coming towards it within about 60°. When the vehicle comes within 2" (30') of the mines, they detonate, creating a ¾" x ¾" oil slick. If the vehicle runs through the slick, it acts on the car as a normal oil slick. Detonation does no damage to any vehicle components nor pedestrians within 1" of it. However, the detonation covers pedestrians in oil wich may blind them a 1-4 on d6 (-6 to hit) for 2 seconds and reduce their movement to 1/4" per second while on the slick.
CPS $75, WPS 5 lbs

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trikes, spikes and 'nades!

Here is the new counter spread for Car Wars - made by me.
Open the picture in a new window for the full 1921x2742 image.
Here is the Trike version of the popular Hotshot dueling model.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I thought I would post some new counters!

OK, I will post them here and then upload a spread on boardgamegeek a larger file.
I took these images from a website, GTA cars, adn they are user created top down cars for Grand Theft Auto 2. These images are perfect for the 1"x½" counters for Car Wars!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Made my own clear colorforms for Car Wars!

I printed some counters on some clear laser printer friendly labels that is sticky on one side. Then I took some 4 gauge vinyl (about 1mm thick) and ran the sticky, printed on label on top of the vinyl and ran the layers through a lamination machine. 
The resulting photographs are proof that these things stick to each other through static magic!
 This board is vertical. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The hinges I used on my Car Wars turning tool...

Plastic DU-BRO hinges!
Small Nylon Hinge (QTY/PKG: 6 ) picture
Here are the hinges I used. I use the Dubro Pinned Hinge and they are listed here. They sell here for US$2.15 for a pack of six at DU-BRO.

Here are the ones I use and they are not that different.

A closer look of the one I use for my turning tools.
I like plastic do the ability of it to adhere to superglue on Plexiglas.