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Designed a new 'stick grenade' that would be designed and used.

Designed a new 'stick grenade' that would be designed and used. This grenade could be used in limited applications where the thrower is an expert and the target needs silent precision application of fragmentary or high explosive (at leat until it goes off).
The payload could be anything from incendiary to flashbang. 
Here's how it works!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Location of damage, advanced roll.

OK, you landed a hit on an opposing vessel. Instead of just rolling d6 and taking a 1/3 chance that you will hit where you wanted, why not roll d66 and choose either combination that is better suited to your aiming choice?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Entry for starship roster

This would be a typical entry for the Starship roster.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CRT for large scale Travellers Starship Battles

Yes, I know using a d12 dice will make people run out and have to buy a few more of these.
Never the less, the spread given by a d12 is just right for a 14 odd spread on a CRT table.
(x1) 1/2 = One hit on one of the three locations on a starship (Att, Def or Mov) Resolved by this dice roll:
1-2 = Attack hit
3-4 = Defense hit
5-6 = Mov hit
On an attack hit all weapon systems are effected.
On a defense hit, the shields decrease any attack by 1 on the CRT. If this decrease the attack to 0, then the attack does not have enough strength to penetrate the shields of the ship. In Travellers, the shields represent Meson screens, sand casters, black globes, nuclear dampeners or repulsors to effect missiles.
For defense, the shield strength will be 1/4 (rounded down) the Hull of the ship. The armor is the armor number on the original design.
A 7 hull ship will be (1) [4] 7  Corsair.
Damage to any system is always rounded down.
A 0 valued system is non-functioning or destroyed. If all three stats of a ship (Att, Def and Mov) are all 0, the ship is destroyed.

Here is an example of a planet under assault...

Here is a planet represented being assaulted by a Mercenary fleet accompanied by two 300 ton Pirate Corsairs.

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Traveller Ship Counters

Here are some counters I created for the awesome RPG system, Travellers.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here is my Travellers space maps in action!

Here are my travellers space maps in action!
This is the overview of all three maps. There are two space combat maps
and one overview map (not quit 1/4 A.U. but what ever. :)

Here is an engagement of Pirates versus Police of this particular planet. As you can see the Police sent out three flights of missiles while the pirates sent out three as well, but one is a nuke! The moon is 6,000 km (about three hexes wide) and as you can see all the missiles traveled 5 hexes (10,000 km/6 minute turn) as per the Mongoose missiles rule on page 147. I wonder who will win this altercation!

This map is the 450,000 km wide movement macro map created for movement of starships not hostile to each other. Any hostile actions then have a counter that says "Area1" or such to depict an encounter for the micro map, the "Space Combat Map". The Space Combat Map allows for a few 6 minute turns. If one spaceship moves off the map then sensor contact is lost and is assumed to be in 'that direction'. Sensor reacquisition is then required to find the enemy ship again just to obtain lock!

Here we can see a Fat Trader, a X-Boat, System Defense Boat and a 100 ton Scout moving within about 20,000 km of a space station. Little does the Space Station know but the Fat Trader is actually a rebel armed starship making a suicide bomb run with a nuke! Hope the station's sensor operators are on the ball and can sense fissionable materials on board that Fat Trader before it's too late! Will the Scout and the System Defense Boat make it in time to stop the terrorists?

The answer to super hug Traveller Star Maps

OK, so you want to play out a starship battle in the space of 450,000 km. Why not make a larger map for macro movement and then use a micro map for combat? Since nothing in Travellers can fire beyond about 30,000 km I decided to make the maps this length.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The difference between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy, Traveller Equipment!

Some of my favorite references are from the movie "Aliens", "Blade Runner", "Starship Troopers" and maybe even some elements of Star Wars.Now I see Aliens and Blade Runner more Science Fiction and Starship Troopers and Star Wars as more Science Fantasy.I see the difference between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy in the following two paragraphs:
Great measures are given in Science Fiction base the story or situation on the laws of physics and try to convince their audience that this is the case. Plot directions that would have been interesting without thought to the laws of physics as we understand them, now and in the future, are sacrificed for adherence to said laws. The development of plot devices with care to detail are evidence that Science Fiction is in mind when creating this work of fiction.
Science Fantasy is set in a realm that is far removed either in time, space or normality to our own understanding of reality. Simply put, technology used in this genre of fiction is not explained, just used as a plot device. Any explanation or reference to reality is subjugated to cryptic references or plain non-sense in explanation.
I believe that this role playing system, Travellers, is more Science Fiction than any other game system I have tried. The straining adherence to physics, both in planetary system construction and starship construction, makes this RPG a Science Fiction. The fact that travelling in space takes weeks and not seconds, like it does in Star Wars, says that this RPG tries to create consequences for actions and not just let anything happen for the sake of the story.

Here is equipment I created for Travellers:
Light Flamer TL7, range as Thrown-1DM, 2d6+1 pt / turn for 1d6 turns and ignores non-sealed armor and cover, 4kg, 5 shots, 250cr, 3cr / shot equivalent.
Heavy Flamer TL5, range as Thrown+1DM, 4d6+1 pt / turn for 1d6 turns and ignores non-sealed armor and cover, 15kg, 5 shots, 1,250cr, 9cr / shot equivalent.
Grapple Pistol, TL7, range as Thrown+1DM, 1d6-1, 2kg empty, 6kg loaded, 1 shot with 50m climbing cord for up to 160kg, 1,000cr, 150cr / 50m climbing cord and grapple reload, Not meant for combat but for climbing up a sheer cliff or wall up to 50m high.
Grapple Rifle, TL5, range as Pistol+3DM, 1d6, 5kg empty,12kg loaded, 1 shot with 100m climbing cord for up to 160kg, 2,500cr, 300cr / 100m climbing cord and grapple reload, Not meant for combat but for climbing up a sheer cliff or wall up to 100m high.
Putting out a normal fire = DEX check and is considered a significant action. 
Putting out a napalm fire = DEX check with a -3DM and is considered a significant action. 
Fire extinguishers may be used for a +2DM to the 'put out fire' rule above. Water may be used but at a +1DM and not applicable to napalm fires.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Missing blocking friendly Rule

Been a while since my last post. Anyways, I have been playing around with Traveller and I have made a new rule that might clear up a few situations in close combat with your buddies.

OK, so I am playing snap-shot and my friend gets between me and the alien trying to take over my ship. There might be a way to deliberately miss the blocking friendly and hit the intended target.
Here goes.
You ---> Friendly ----> intended target
Missing blocking friendly Rule
1. The friendly has to be within 3m of the intended target to be in the way.
2. You first have to deliberately MISS the blocking friendly. This is done by rolling to 'hit' with a negative DM equal to your combat skill with die modifiers from distance as well. Missing means you did not hit your friendly but there is still a chance that you might hit your blocking friendly!
3.You then roll normally to hit the intended target. Apply the negative effect of your 'to miss friendly' roll from the damage on your intended target if you successfully hit it. This shows that intended target has your blocking friendly as 'cover' and the decrease in damage reflects this.
What do you think?

Jake, the space marine, is firing his Gauss rifle at an alien but his buddy gets in the way. His buddy is in blade combat with the alien and Jake wants to help his buddy, long distance like. So Jake first rolls to MISS his friend. He rolls 2d6 and gets a 7. Jake happens to have rifle 2 skill and so subtracts 2 from the roll of 7, making it 3. This is less than 8 so he missed his friend to the effect of -5. Jake rolls to hit the slobbering alien and rolls a natural 9 and with Rifle 2 skill, the to-hit roll is modified to 11! The to-hit effect DM to damage is 11-8=3 extra damage added to the 4d6=14 damage roll. The slobbering monster is hit with 14 damage from the Gauss rifle and 3 extra damage from Jake's precision  In the process of trying to miss his friend, however, the -5 effect from the 'to miss' roll is added to the damage (14+3-5=12), making the resulting damage equal 12. The alien's head is still blown off as it had only 11 hits before being squashed!