Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CRT for large scale Travellers Starship Battles

Yes, I know using a d12 dice will make people run out and have to buy a few more of these.
Never the less, the spread given by a d12 is just right for a 14 odd spread on a CRT table.
(x1) 1/2 = One hit on one of the three locations on a starship (Att, Def or Mov) Resolved by this dice roll:
1-2 = Attack hit
3-4 = Defense hit
5-6 = Mov hit
On an attack hit all weapon systems are effected.
On a defense hit, the shields decrease any attack by 1 on the CRT. If this decrease the attack to 0, then the attack does not have enough strength to penetrate the shields of the ship. In Travellers, the shields represent Meson screens, sand casters, black globes, nuclear dampeners or repulsors to effect missiles.
For defense, the shield strength will be 1/4 (rounded down) the Hull of the ship. The armor is the armor number on the original design.
A 7 hull ship will be (1) [4] 7  Corsair.
Damage to any system is always rounded down.
A 0 valued system is non-functioning or destroyed. If all three stats of a ship (Att, Def and Mov) are all 0, the ship is destroyed.

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