Wednesday, March 6, 2013

E.C.M. in OGRE ... a second look at applying it simply in game.

Electronic Counter Measures.
The game states that these technological elements are included in the attack and defense factors of each unit large enough to accommodate advanced electronics.
I would suggest that a more detailed version that is more Stratego based (for fun sake). Somehow hide the face of each counter of your force so you only see your counter face and not your opponents. Only through 'scouting' or lighting up the area with concerted ECCM and scans can you identify the unit hiding within that hex.
This adds a new strategy to OGRE/OGRE in that it is not just attack versus defense.There is now a fog of war in that if you commit forces to an area where the contacts are not specified you may be rolling (or walking) into a trap!

How it would work:
A unit may conduct ECCM at 150% range (rounded up) by 'attacking' an unknown contact with their attack rating. The target unit defends against this electronic searching through it's defensive rating. This gives long range units like the mobile howitzer and missile tank new life in the game where before they were only given a token place on the battlefield. Imagine the missiles shot from long range units possessed ECCM payloads that actively searched for anomalous, hostile electronic emissions and then transmitted them back to the searching vehicle. No more than a 1/3 of your VPs may be dedicated to any one specific unit type. 
If the unit scanned gets a DIS on the CRT result they have to reveal only one piece of quantitative information about the unit. This information would include only the attack rating, the defensive rating, range or the movement speed, If the unit is scanned again and the DIS comes up the counter is flipped over to reveal it's identity. The defender is given the ECCM strength (unit strength) and range at which the scan was taken (how far away the scanning unit is) and consults the CRT. The defender then tells the attacker if a NE, DIS or X is rolled and gives the information pertaining to the roll.
If an X is rolled on the CRT then the unit is flipped over and the opposite player may see the full counter.
Urban hexes double the ECM defense of a unit and if a unit is underwater, they are immune to ECCM scans. No surface units are fitted with sonar...
Do not use this rule set for OGREs as they are just too big to hide under an electronic blanket (or they already have rules for ECM.ECCM like the OGRE Ninja). 
This rule set should add a bit more strategy and memory work for the attack as well as for the defender. Part 'memory' and part 'Stratego'. Tell me what you think!

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