Friday, March 8, 2013

My thoughts on making change in life...

Someone wise once told me that lasting change is created with the thought of accounting in the end. This reduces the probability of your brain rationalizing changes to your end goal for a short term gain. That is what your brain does without a goal. Your brain "lives in the moment" seeking pleasure at every point in time and attempting to escape pain in every point in time. This makes operant conditioning yourself an exercise in developing permanence in slow, concerted change. Think about it like setting concrete. The faster the concrete sets artificially, it becomes cracked and weak. You add too much water and it never sets (or it sets years from now). Making permanent change to your brain is difficult - and it SHOULD BE DIFFICULT. You don't walk into a lifting gym, lift a few weights until you are sort of tired (stopping short of real pain) and expect an Atlas body?
Pontification over. :)

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