Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New look on militia and grunts

So, there is a fight with conventional forces in South Africa where money and technology is NOT on the bleeding edge. Companies of men well armed with semi-modern assault rifles, tri-pod railguns and advanced RPGs fight along side older generation 2000-2010 era armored fighting vehicles.
The infantry are not protected from Nuclear, biological or chemical warefare but can move roughly three to four times faster than a regular man. Enter the augmented infantry exoskeleton. Basically this was the first generation of power armor. If you stripped off the second generation of power armor you would find this tough exoskeleton underneath.
This new type of unit has some advantageous properties:
1. Since the companies of men range into the dozens, if not hundreds, they are better distributed. Therefore this distribution of men in that 1500m wide hex equates to any DIS or X result only reducing the company by one (or about 40 men), not destroying all of them on that SLICS network completely.
2. They are wired into SLICS- Squad Level Integration and Countermeasures System as regular power infantry are, but it is much more diffuse. Therefore their attacks are as effective as clamshell mobile infantry but their defense is weak.
3. Since limited jet-assisted exoskeletons cost only about $5,500 by 2020, equipping a platoon of 120 individuals, or three augmented infantry squads, would be $660,000.

Since ONE modern battlesuit would cost $330,000, equipping a platoon of modern infantry would be about $2,970,000. Therefore, many third world countries buy these relatively older technologies to give their troops as least some mobility, if not half that of powered infantry for about 22% of the price per squad. In game a squad of powered infantry is 2vp. A squad of augmented infantry is 0.5vp.

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