Monday, March 4, 2013

OGRE Cloth map!

Hey guys! Even though I probably do not get too many people reading my posts I will post anyways! Maybe someone in the future will read my posts and learn something about this awesome board game I seem to not have gotten bored with.
OK, so I realized that paper maps rips and ones printed on paper labels pressed onto cardstock warp in high humidity. Then I remembered that map from Ultima IV that I wish I still had.

So, one can send a full color picture file, up to about 20MB (though Eric likes pictures under 10MB) to this one website for $12 to print onto a 18" x 21" piece of cloth called a fat Quarter. I uploaded a 300dpi, 9" x 15" 1978 OGRE map. I happened to print my OGRE map onto  10 oz cotton from Fabric on Demand. My next few maps will be all the OGRE/GEV maps on cloth as I really do not like the sliding around counters do on laminated (or unlaminated) non-cloth surfaces. Mix this with my CRT dice I created and you have one fast, slick game!
See for yourself...
... I sent this one cloth map to Francisco, an internet friend of mine who is foremost expert and historian for the future of OGREs throughout 2020-2090 Earth.


ADB said...

That is a very neat idea. Are you going to store it rolled up to save a crease through the cloth becoming a major defensive ridge line :-)?

 Ashley said...

I must just challenge your assertion that no one reads your post, because if I do, others must do to. See what I did there? :-)

I've been thinking about vinyl maps, but this cloth one is good. Now if only one could print out a larger piece with bigger hexes, say three inches per hex, which would make the map six foot by four. That would rock something awesome.

eltf177 said...

I too keep checking your blog for OGRE/GEV updates.

Many good ideas here, not to mention the way cool new units and counters!

Keep 'em coming please!

HarmlessHamster said...

Heya all! Read my next post for response to your kind words!