Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank you for your kind words, my calorie counting and resin casting

First of all I want to thank all those kind people online that commented on my post. Over the years I have tried to make the game slicker and more streamlines to play. In doing this, innovative necessity is the mother of the cybermachine.  I actually timed myself playing the game 6 times using the regular counters, regular paper maps and normal 6-sided dice, and referring to the CRT chart after every attack. The CRT dice, the clear counters and the cloth map all dovetail into clearing up more than 25% less time spent on rolling dice, arranging the counters for both sides and carefully folding maps. That is 25% more time playing the game and drinking pop...
So, I am counting my calories - no big secret. This morning I was entering the grams of what I ate and I looked down to see how many calories I consumed.

That's right ... I consumed 666 calories! Is my diet doomed from the start? Are the demons of hunger and munchies going to bust through my office, cobbled up my hamster and drag me to donut hell as they did with Homer? 
Maybe I am just using my imagination, they wouldn't eat my hamster. My hamster led a good life but I would still be dragged into that dietary hole in the ground, kicking and screaming "I don't want to be fat forever!"

Well, I finally did it. I bought the material to make custom casting of resin miniatures. I think I will stick to 1/300 scale (OGRE/GEV mini scale). Below are the materials I have to help me get started. As I pursue this hobby, I will keep anyone interested in my progress (or mistakes) toward successfully creating the units I made with my clear counters with Visio Pro 2002 and Paint Shop Pro 6.
 These are my tools for making miniatures out of resin.
This is an example when you try to make a GEV out of bakable clay. You can see good detail but it is at best 80% accurate to the original. I am shooting for 95%+ accuracy in physical dimensions.

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