Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why the OGRE's APs are never taken out and how to fix that...

Why the OGRE's APs are never taken out and how to fix that...
I was thinking about this weapon on the OGRE - the antipersonnel battery. No one seems to want to take them out when they could take out a main, secondary, missile rack or treads.
I have two solutions to making the AP destroyed more often:
1. When battery or tread is successfully destroyed on an OGRE, there is a chance that an AP unit is hit as well. Roll for each attack and for every 6 rolled for each attack, an AP battery is attacked at 1:1 on the CRT (or on the CRT dice ... hehe).
2. When targeting an AP battery, the attack may attack up to three AP batteries with the same attack value from one source. For example, a Heavy Tank is sick of all those rotary infinite repeaters taking out the infantry screening for him. The Heavy Tank operator targets two AP batteries at 1:1 and the other at 2:1.
I have one solution for making AP batteries more valuable:
1. Allow them to attack immobile, disabled units. The number of AP batteries must equal to the defense factor of the attacked disabled armor unit and only a X result will destroy it. A roll of DIS does nothing to the disabled unit.

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 Ashley said...

Never seen this as a problem in a game that I've played. Once the Ogre is slowed to one then it's open season on the APs.