Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The map and dice I sent to a friend!

I usually don't send out packages - but when I see that someone really likes the game I make exceptions. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making a building from EPE plastic foam and a printed card stock outer shell!

OK, what you need is EPE plastic foam packing. This wonderful, durable stuff is free from most stores that pack electronics.

I am using my supply (a box full) of this EPE plastic foam bricks to make my first large scale 1/72nd scale of a Mark four OGRE.
You can paint on it - and I intend to give is a really cool paint job!
Just thought I would share - and since this stuff is so so awesome, so pliable, so easy to cut and so impossible to CRUSH, I made a new thread to discuss the uses for it.
If you have a few small bits, you can make buildings for it for 1/256th scale and even make your mountains out of the stuff! It is so easy to cut and sand. I am in the process of acquiring more of this stuff to make a map I am going to store on the CEILING so it's out of the way. I calculate it would weigh just under two pounds once the map is done. TWO pounds! This stuff is so strong and light weight!

Below is a building I built in a few minutes:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hamsters and Hawks!

More 23x23 OGRE/GEV maps I have made

Most of these maps for OGRE/GEV fit in with other maps in the Shockwave and GEV map series printed for decades now.
Enjoy and hopefully use!
Was once an inhabited small atoll but is now an OGRE way station
on the way to the Western United States...

This map was once a vine growing area in Western Oregon. Nihon OGREs
have peppered this beautiful area with nukes, with expected results.

This map has deep water, that is sea water than is over 50m deep and has dense forest as well as light forest. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I thought I would visually represent the defense values of each unit.

I thought I would visually represent the defense values of each unit.
Here ya go!

GEV variants!

You will also note that when I made the GEV variants of the Heavy Tank, Missile Tank, Superheavy Tank and the Mobile Howitzer, I made it so their range+movement value was exactly like the original unit. Their movement may be more but I subtracted 1 from the range and added it to the movement in the first phase. Then I added an extra ONE movement only for the second phase to put the unit as far away as it would have been for the original unit.