Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making a building from EPE plastic foam and a printed card stock outer shell!

OK, what you need is EPE plastic foam packing. This wonderful, durable stuff is free from most stores that pack electronics.

I am using my supply (a box full) of this EPE plastic foam bricks to make my first large scale 1/72nd scale of a Mark four OGRE.
You can paint on it - and I intend to give is a really cool paint job!
Just thought I would share - and since this stuff is so so awesome, so pliable, so easy to cut and so impossible to CRUSH, I made a new thread to discuss the uses for it.
If you have a few small bits, you can make buildings for it for 1/256th scale and even make your mountains out of the stuff! It is so easy to cut and sand. I am in the process of acquiring more of this stuff to make a map I am going to store on the CEILING so it's out of the way. I calculate it would weigh just under two pounds once the map is done. TWO pounds! This stuff is so strong and light weight!

Below is a building I built in a few minutes:

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