Monday, June 24, 2013

I thought I would post some new counters!

OK, I will post them here and then upload a spread on boardgamegeek a larger file.
I took these images from a website, GTA cars, adn they are user created top down cars for Grand Theft Auto 2. These images are perfect for the 1"x½" counters for Car Wars!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Made my own clear colorforms for Car Wars!

I printed some counters on some clear laser printer friendly labels that is sticky on one side. Then I took some 4 gauge vinyl (about 1mm thick) and ran the sticky, printed on label on top of the vinyl and ran the layers through a lamination machine. 
The resulting photographs are proof that these things stick to each other through static magic!
 This board is vertical. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The hinges I used on my Car Wars turning tool...

Plastic DU-BRO hinges!
Small Nylon Hinge (QTY/PKG: 6 ) picture
Here are the hinges I used. I use the Dubro Pinned Hinge and they are listed here. They sell here for US$2.15 for a pack of six at DU-BRO.

Here are the ones I use and they are not that different.

A closer look of the one I use for my turning tools.
I like plastic do the ability of it to adhere to superglue on Plexiglas.

New car: The Tick. An explosive new Div10 Subcompact with BITE!

The Tick by Toltrin Motors
Subcompact, Extra Heavy Chassis, Medium Power Plant (Platinum Catalyst, Superconductors), Heavy Suspension, Standard Radial Front & Rear Tires, Driver (Body Armor, Targeting Computer), 
front: HeavyMachineGun with 20 rounds of explosive ammo. 
Fireproof Reflective (Flamiflecttm)Armor:
F14, R8, L8, B12, T7, U8
Accel. 10, Top Speed 136, HC 4, 
2,758 lbs, $ 9,567

A new look at Handling (Magesmiley came up with it!)

A new look at Handling
by Magesmiley
Usually I do not link to other's works but here is the article he created for the SJG forums.
My words are in Arial and his words are in courier.

The system becomes 1d6 + current HC and requires a roll of speed/10 + 1. That’s actually reasonably easy to remember. And it leads to an excellent rule of thumb that works at all speeds: you don’t need to roll as long as your speed is less than or equal to 10x your handling class. Hurray, no chart lookup! Or if you need to look it up, you just check your speed for whatever control roll you need.

So, (1d6+current HC)<((speed/10)+1). It sounds complicated but it is actually quite simple when playing.
So, if I was barreling at 145mph and I made two 15° turns and one 45° turn it would be D6. I roll a 4 on d6 and therefore add this 4 result to my 11 improved HC (luxury car). 145/10+1=15.5. 15.5 > 15. Crash is a reult since 15.5 > 15. If I had rolled a 1,2,3 my car would have not crashed. I missed the control roll by 0.5. Do I round up to 1 or round down to zero on the crash table? Howver, I DO like this system!
So, I’m also proposing that we fix the progression of the difficulties in the bends: 15° D1, 30° D3, 45° D5, 60° D7, 75° D9, 90° D11.

A drift would go to D2, Steep Drift to D5, and the Bootlegger Reverse to D13. Controlled Skids would be 1/4" +D1, 1/2" + D3, 3/4" +D5, 1" +D7. The T-Stop would probably need to go to D2 per 10 mph of deceleration. A swerve would be the difficulty of the bend +3.
Suspension      Price               HC   Van HC   Sub HC
Light            No extra          10       9        11
Improved        100% of body cost  11       10       12
Heavy           150% of body cost  12       11       13
Extra Heavy     300% of body cost  13       12       14
Racing          800% of body cost  14       13       15

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Skids are as easy as pushing the turning tool forward!

OK, so you fail that roll on that D4 turn. You roll a 3/4" skid. In hotwheels 1/64th scale Car Wars, 3/4" equates to 3/4 of a car length, or about 11.5 game feet. 
With all that said, on my turn tool I have 1/4 gradations for both front and back. From the following pictures you can see that you put your car in the front of the tool and just gently push the car with the tool at the same angle your car failed at trying. You end up with a clean skid result that is very accurate. then after that 3/4 skid, you just continue forward 1/4 car length (3¾ real inches) Except next phase you skid another 1/2 then 1/4 after that. Sucks losing control, huh?
 First action. You start from that turn. You roll your crash chance and fail. You then roll on Crash table 1 and get a 3/4 skid result! Uh oh ...
 Next action. You push your car forward 3/4 of a car length (11¼ real inches) forward with the tool.
 As you can see (if you can read backwards) it states 3/4 and that the vehicle was pushed forward 3/4.
A top view as well as where the car WAS last phase.

Turning Key v2.0!

OK, so here is my new turning key not made of cardstock. It is made from plexiglass and I have to say it looks good!
 Placing a turning key on elements in play can disrupt them.
 The answer? The low footprint turning key from Toltrin industries!
 A closer look at the tool. If you want the specs, just email me.
Another closer look to see that 3" = 14.6' (or just 15', yeesh). This turning key is real nifty for doing drifts and skids!
This is a little extra I made. These are dropped spikes for 1/64th scale Car Wars (hotwheel scale). Cool huh?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Vacation Wagon from Car Warrior comic!

Vacation Wagon!
Station wagon, Standard Chassis, Super Power Plant, Improved Suspension, Puncture-Resistant Steelbelted Radial Front & Rear Tires, Driver (Dad), Gunner (Mom w/Heavy Pistol), Passengers: Daughter (w/submachinegun) and son (manning top suitcase gun).
Top (in suitcase gun): Rear/Left/Right firing arc MachineGun(5 pt component armor on suitcase gun). (See Car Warriors part 2 for details on suitcase mount).
Active Suspension, No-Paint Windshield, Armor F25, R20, L20, B25, T0, U15, Accel. 10, Top Speed 126, HC 3, 4,925 lbs, $ 16,458
I made it with Kalus's awesome car designer!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Toltrin Turn Tool for Car Wars!

Ever wanted a turning key with a footprint on your board that is as thin as chipboard?
Now you have thanks to the Toltrin Turn Tool!
Here is a turning tool that you probably have not seen before for Car Wars.

 You WILL need these kind of plastic hinges or it will not really work right.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New wheel 6.0!

OK, the revised color version of the Car Wars speedometer / 5 phase / crash chance wheel!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phase and crash wheel v5.0 for Car Wars!

OK, here is my Car Wars 5 phase and crash results wheel for up to 140 mph! If anyone wants the visio file, or a very large 0% compressed jpg, email me.
Well, here it is...

I printed this pre-print version on paper and then experimented with the dial.

 My laminated final version. I made the text very small as I only had 6 degrees for each of the 28 slices dedicated to 15 HC results ... most were "safe" results (of course). In my next version I might make all the "safe" results one sold color block and have the HC only got to HC:1 as all the HC results above 1 are "safe". Funny how these things come to you after you made it!
I used a tie tack to put it together. Tie tacks are the bast for circular gaming tools like this.

 Another shot from the side of my Car Wars tool.
The underside!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simple Car Wars blockade with chains 1" x 1/3"

Here is a doo-dad I made for Car Wars. It is a triple chain blockage that is 15 feet by 5 feet. The concrete blocks at the end of the chains will take 4 hits of damage and after 4 blasts with anything over 4 hits of damage will fail and the chains fall to the ground, at least on one end. The chains collectively need a ram damage of more than 15 hits to snap.
Also, here is a flame cloud, 15' x 7.5'

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New natural curves for turning in Car Wars

SO, I was messing around with a new way to make the turning key for Car Wars. I thought that a smoother turning key would create a smoother game for 1/64th scale games I play now because of the plentiful supply of vehicles for this scale (Hot Wheels).
So here are the curves as they are right now in pre-production. I am thinking of creating a tool where it would look more like a Swiss army knife than a turning key.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A cool Car Wars turning key complete with distance traveled as per 15 feet / 10 mph / 1 second.