Friday, June 21, 2013

A new look at Handling (Magesmiley came up with it!)

A new look at Handling
by Magesmiley
Usually I do not link to other's works but here is the article he created for the SJG forums.
My words are in Arial and his words are in courier.

The system becomes 1d6 + current HC and requires a roll of speed/10 + 1. That’s actually reasonably easy to remember. And it leads to an excellent rule of thumb that works at all speeds: you don’t need to roll as long as your speed is less than or equal to 10x your handling class. Hurray, no chart lookup! Or if you need to look it up, you just check your speed for whatever control roll you need.

So, (1d6+current HC)<((speed/10)+1). It sounds complicated but it is actually quite simple when playing.
So, if I was barreling at 145mph and I made two 15° turns and one 45° turn it would be D6. I roll a 4 on d6 and therefore add this 4 result to my 11 improved HC (luxury car). 145/10+1=15.5. 15.5 > 15. Crash is a reult since 15.5 > 15. If I had rolled a 1,2,3 my car would have not crashed. I missed the control roll by 0.5. Do I round up to 1 or round down to zero on the crash table? Howver, I DO like this system!
So, I’m also proposing that we fix the progression of the difficulties in the bends: 15° D1, 30° D3, 45° D5, 60° D7, 75° D9, 90° D11.

A drift would go to D2, Steep Drift to D5, and the Bootlegger Reverse to D13. Controlled Skids would be 1/4" +D1, 1/2" + D3, 3/4" +D5, 1" +D7. The T-Stop would probably need to go to D2 per 10 mph of deceleration. A swerve would be the difficulty of the bend +3.
Suspension      Price               HC   Van HC   Sub HC
Light            No extra          10       9        11
Improved        100% of body cost  11       10       12
Heavy           150% of body cost  12       11       13
Extra Heavy     300% of body cost  13       12       14
Racing          800% of body cost  14       13       15

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