Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phase and crash wheel v5.0 for Car Wars!

OK, here is my Car Wars 5 phase and crash results wheel for up to 140 mph! If anyone wants the visio file, or a very large 0% compressed jpg, email me.
Well, here it is...

I printed this pre-print version on paper and then experimented with the dial.

 My laminated final version. I made the text very small as I only had 6 degrees for each of the 28 slices dedicated to 15 HC results ... most were "safe" results (of course). In my next version I might make all the "safe" results one sold color block and have the HC only got to HC:1 as all the HC results above 1 are "safe". Funny how these things come to you after you made it!
I used a tie tack to put it together. Tie tacks are the bast for circular gaming tools like this.

 Another shot from the side of my Car Wars tool.
The underside!

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