Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Skids are as easy as pushing the turning tool forward!

OK, so you fail that roll on that D4 turn. You roll a 3/4" skid. In hotwheels 1/64th scale Car Wars, 3/4" equates to 3/4 of a car length, or about 11.5 game feet. 
With all that said, on my turn tool I have 1/4 gradations for both front and back. From the following pictures you can see that you put your car in the front of the tool and just gently push the car with the tool at the same angle your car failed at trying. You end up with a clean skid result that is very accurate. then after that 3/4 skid, you just continue forward 1/4 car length (3¾ real inches) Except next phase you skid another 1/2 then 1/4 after that. Sucks losing control, huh?
 First action. You start from that turn. You roll your crash chance and fail. You then roll on Crash table 1 and get a 3/4 skid result! Uh oh ...
 Next action. You push your car forward 3/4 of a car length (11¼ real inches) forward with the tool.
 As you can see (if you can read backwards) it states 3/4 and that the vehicle was pushed forward 3/4.
A top view as well as where the car WAS last phase.

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