Friday, June 21, 2013

The hinges I used on my Car Wars turning tool...

Plastic DU-BRO hinges!
Small Nylon Hinge (QTY/PKG: 6 ) picture
Here are the hinges I used. I use the Dubro Pinned Hinge and they are listed here. They sell here for US$2.15 for a pack of six at DU-BRO.

Here are the ones I use and they are not that different.

A closer look of the one I use for my turning tools.
I like plastic do the ability of it to adhere to superglue on Plexiglas.

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ronin3338 said...

I've been bitten by the Car Wars bug (again) and came across your site.
Do you still have the files for your turning key and speedometer available? (And/or any counters... the ones on your blog are nicely done and handy for several games that I play)
Thank you in advance.