Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Vacation Wagon from Car Warrior comic!

Vacation Wagon!
Station wagon, Standard Chassis, Super Power Plant, Improved Suspension, Puncture-Resistant Steelbelted Radial Front & Rear Tires, Driver (Dad), Gunner (Mom w/Heavy Pistol), Passengers: Daughter (w/submachinegun) and son (manning top suitcase gun).
Top (in suitcase gun): Rear/Left/Right firing arc MachineGun(5 pt component armor on suitcase gun). (See Car Warriors part 2 for details on suitcase mount).
Active Suspension, No-Paint Windshield, Armor F25, R20, L20, B25, T0, U15, Accel. 10, Top Speed 126, HC 3, 4,925 lbs, $ 16,458
I made it with Kalus's awesome car designer!


eltf177 said...

I'd forgotten about that series, need to drag it out and read it again!

"Oh joy, it's Soy Boy!"

HarmlessHamster said...

The first time reading this comic was last week.
Loved every page!