Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rules for playing games:

Rules for online games
1. Do not insult others. Make honest suggestions without sarcasm that will help them improve their game. Insult and degrading people not only makes you look like a person not worthy of knowing but it feeds hostility in an otherwise potential pleasant activity. Putting down others serves no purpose other than to validate your own low self esteem by lowing others below you. Most people will not allow you do to this. Don't be a bully.
2. Do not feed trolls. If someone is purposely degrading the game for you or others, either quit playing, seek positive action from others to remove them, mute them if the abuse stems from communication or offer to help them with their frustrations while staying positive. Trolls hate it when people are nice to them in the face of their abuse. It is tempting to abuse them back but this opens up more problems than I can list here.
3. Ask for help. If you are frustrated in how to play a game, ask for assistance from other players. Most are more than happy to help you. People love to show how much they know. 
4. Remove yourself if you are raging. If you are angry that your actions did not yield your desired result in game and you are not enjoying yourself, then engage in something else. Sometimes life can make you frustrated with life and joining a game to vent your frustrations at others is wrong. Being angry at others always yields two results: #1: People will make fun of you, thus increasing your rage. #2: You will say things to innocent people that will hurt them - for no reason. You will even possibly ruin your chances in playing the game in the future through being banned or similar actions.
5. Support others. Try to support other players on your team and not seek gain over the team's need to win. Additionally, seek to create enjoyment for other players and you will find yourself with more online buddies to enjoy your leisure activity with!
6. Enjoy yourself. If you are stressed out, angry and frustrated most of the time you are playing a game, then it's not a leisure activity, it's a job.

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