Monday, September 16, 2013

Far Cry 3 cheater caught in co-op play...

I was trying to enjoy a game of co-op sniping and then some guys started getting EVERY one of the pirates with one shot and even stealing kills from others.
Aleksey18031991 seems to think that cheating it OK as long no one reports it. I could have gotten some cool stuff - and I am usually the one who gets most of the kills on this - 20 on average. This guy stunned me so much on his blatant cheating I just stood there looking for my camera to shoot this for evidence.
Some people just cannot help themselves when it comes to stealing enjoyment from others in a game.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The blight on the gaming scene called GFWL

Games for windows live...
Forces you to update or you cannot play or save your games.
You could lose the ability to even play single player if they decide if you have played long enough and want you to switch to another product.
They wish to take freedoms you enjoy now and then later sell them back to you in a greedy attempt to get something you once owned for nothing though conning you and lying to you.
Always on DRM prevents piracy and helps us make better games for you.
You must update in order for your games to save.

ANY program can be directly copied simply onto a hard drive and be run independatly. My dream is to crack every game and pay the author their due then the game is MINE.

When I buy a game that code is mine. It's not mine for a just a short time or until the company who made it decided that they don't want me to use it anymore. When i gave them money it's not to rent, it is to buy. I will resell it or give it to anyone else I wish and they will not stop me, ever. That is my freedom that is in iron and will not be infringed upon.
Every greedy company that has tried to greedily implement always on DRM will always fail.
Blizzard with Diablows 3.
Micro$oft with the X-Box One (terrible package). They lied to everyone and even tried to buy out programmers to sabotage Sony. Disgusting.
Do not be seduced by always on DRM unless you use Steam (or some other legit and moral model). Micro$oft has NO business in making games or anything other the operating systems.
They have NO right, legal or otherwise, in telling me what to do with software I bought.
We will fight until all software is this way.
Just say not o always on DRM and worthless frontends that limit your gameplay. Do anything you wish but you must but never give money to companies to support Windows Live or any other 'no choice' frontends bundled with games you BOUGHT. If you buy just ONE game with GFWL then they have power to do it other legit titles.
That is the truth about Micro$oft. They desire to take everything about your computer that is powerful and then sell back to your own rights. This is what greedy men do to make money in giving little in return except the very rights you should have had in the first place.