Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OGRE/GEV retaliation combat idea

You know, I was looking at the combat where the one who moves first usually wins first.
This is what I find when I play a scenario without OGREs.
What if ... the targeted unit about to 'get it' had a chance to squeeze off a round or two before they get the old nuclear knock at their door?
The range has to be equal or less than the attacking unit.
Unit A attacks Unit B.
If Unit A gets a X result on the CRT, Unit B still has a chance to attack them back but at a -2 on the CRT roll.
If Unit A get a DIS on the CRT against Unit B, Unit B still has a chance to attack them but at a -1 on the CRT roll.
If Unit A gets a NE on the CRT against Unit B, Unit B has no retaliation at all since they were not targeted correctly, the signal got echoed or any other reason you can think of on the chaotic environment of the modern nuclear battlefield.
It is well possible for a slew of units to attack each other and the attacker end up with 50% of it's force left viable for the next turn. In this way, more strategic moves are made and more thought put into a fight other than "move all units possible against these few for an easy win."
This way with retaliation in effect, no attack is "free".
I kind of borrowed this from Axis and Allies and how they resolve combat. It made sense to me as on this modern nuclear battlefield, computers would determine and fix rounds as they left their launchers and roughly triangulate their course back. No more rush in, do super damage and rush out anymore. This time each attack must be calculated with risk involved.
Try this if you want a challenge and a way to shake up the OGRE/GEV battleground!

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 Ashley said...

Not sure this would be a good mod for a standard Ogre scenario, but for a GEV game I would give this a shot to see how it plays out.