Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Missing blocking friendly Rule

Been a while since my last post. Anyways, I have been playing around with Traveller and I have made a new rule that might clear up a few situations in close combat with your buddies.

OK, so I am playing snap-shot and my friend gets between me and the alien trying to take over my ship. There might be a way to deliberately miss the blocking friendly and hit the intended target.
Here goes.
You ---> Friendly ----> intended target
Missing blocking friendly Rule
1. The friendly has to be within 3m of the intended target to be in the way.
2. You first have to deliberately MISS the blocking friendly. This is done by rolling to 'hit' with a negative DM equal to your combat skill with die modifiers from distance as well. Missing means you did not hit your friendly but there is still a chance that you might hit your blocking friendly!
3.You then roll normally to hit the intended target. Apply the negative effect of your 'to miss friendly' roll from the damage on your intended target if you successfully hit it. This shows that intended target has your blocking friendly as 'cover' and the decrease in damage reflects this.
What do you think?

Jake, the space marine, is firing his Gauss rifle at an alien but his buddy gets in the way. His buddy is in blade combat with the alien and Jake wants to help his buddy, long distance like. So Jake first rolls to MISS his friend. He rolls 2d6 and gets a 7. Jake happens to have rifle 2 skill and so subtracts 2 from the roll of 7, making it 3. This is less than 8 so he missed his friend to the effect of -5. Jake rolls to hit the slobbering alien and rolls a natural 9 and with Rifle 2 skill, the to-hit roll is modified to 11! The to-hit effect DM to damage is 11-8=3 extra damage added to the 4d6=14 damage roll. The slobbering monster is hit with 14 damage from the Gauss rifle and 3 extra damage from Jake's precision  In the process of trying to miss his friend, however, the -5 effect from the 'to miss' roll is added to the damage (14+3-5=12), making the resulting damage equal 12. The alien's head is still blown off as it had only 11 hits before being squashed!