Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here is my Travellers space maps in action!

Here are my travellers space maps in action!
This is the overview of all three maps. There are two space combat maps
and one overview map (not quit 1/4 A.U. but what ever. :)

Here is an engagement of Pirates versus Police of this particular planet. As you can see the Police sent out three flights of missiles while the pirates sent out three as well, but one is a nuke! The moon is 6,000 km (about three hexes wide) and as you can see all the missiles traveled 5 hexes (10,000 km/6 minute turn) as per the Mongoose missiles rule on page 147. I wonder who will win this altercation!

This map is the 450,000 km wide movement macro map created for movement of starships not hostile to each other. Any hostile actions then have a counter that says "Area1" or such to depict an encounter for the micro map, the "Space Combat Map". The Space Combat Map allows for a few 6 minute turns. If one spaceship moves off the map then sensor contact is lost and is assumed to be in 'that direction'. Sensor reacquisition is then required to find the enemy ship again just to obtain lock!

Here we can see a Fat Trader, a X-Boat, System Defense Boat and a 100 ton Scout moving within about 20,000 km of a space station. Little does the Space Station know but the Fat Trader is actually a rebel armed starship making a suicide bomb run with a nuke! Hope the station's sensor operators are on the ball and can sense fissionable materials on board that Fat Trader before it's too late! Will the Scout and the System Defense Boat make it in time to stop the terrorists?

The answer to super hug Traveller Star Maps

OK, so you want to play out a starship battle in the space of 450,000 km. Why not make a larger map for macro movement and then use a micro map for combat? Since nothing in Travellers can fire beyond about 30,000 km I decided to make the maps this length.