Monday, March 4, 2013

OGRE Cloth map!

Hey guys! Even though I probably do not get too many people reading my posts I will post anyways! Maybe someone in the future will read my posts and learn something about this awesome board game I seem to not have gotten bored with.
OK, so I realized that paper maps rips and ones printed on paper labels pressed onto cardstock warp in high humidity. Then I remembered that map from Ultima IV that I wish I still had.

So, one can send a full color picture file, up to about 20MB (though Eric likes pictures under 10MB) to this one website for $12 to print onto a 18" x 21" piece of cloth called a fat Quarter. I uploaded a 300dpi, 9" x 15" 1978 OGRE map. I happened to print my OGRE map onto  10 oz cotton from Fabric on Demand. My next few maps will be all the OGRE/GEV maps on cloth as I really do not like the sliding around counters do on laminated (or unlaminated) non-cloth surfaces. Mix this with my CRT dice I created and you have one fast, slick game!
See for yourself...
... I sent this one cloth map to Francisco, an internet friend of mine who is foremost expert and historian for the future of OGREs throughout 2020-2090 Earth.