Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Vacation Wagon from Car Warrior comic!

Vacation Wagon!
Station wagon, Standard Chassis, Super Power Plant, Improved Suspension, Puncture-Resistant Steelbelted Radial Front & Rear Tires, Driver (Dad), Gunner (Mom w/Heavy Pistol), Passengers: Daughter (w/submachinegun) and son (manning top suitcase gun).
Top (in suitcase gun): Rear/Left/Right firing arc MachineGun(5 pt component armor on suitcase gun). (See Car Warriors part 2 for details on suitcase mount).
Active Suspension, No-Paint Windshield, Armor F25, R20, L20, B25, T0, U15, Accel. 10, Top Speed 126, HC 3, 4,925 lbs, $ 16,458
I made it with Kalus's awesome car designer!