Sunday, December 28, 2014

My thoughts on the video game industry

When a company has a monopoly, they can do anything they want.
Microsoft is a monopoly.
What motivation do they have to improve a "service" when they have a monopoly?
It will be like this until the code is released that allows PC games to be played on ANY operating system.
Until then, we will be locked into a company that makes decisions based on profits. 
Imagine if you had full power over all the features of the software you owned. 
Imagine if you could fully access the registry of ANY software you installed. No more spyware as it would be as easy as editing a text file and deleting a line that says "run About:Blank". This would essentially end any bloatware and fix and spot inefficient and unnecessary processes that eat up our computer's resources for nothing in return.
You would have access to features that we once enjoyed when games were locked into a DVD. If they wanted to add more content, they would have to make a sequel. This weeded out terrible game companies as they would not last long if they made bad games ... it was all or nothing.
Now game companies have abused the DLC concept when they could have made the experience a more endearing one for their customers. Instead of offering FREE DLC to improve the game or patch up bugs and glitches, we have to PAY for things that should have been included in the original package.
Talk with your wallets, people (and sorry about the book I just wrote here).

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