Monday, January 26, 2015

I thought I would write my perceptions of love.

So, I decided to try to define certain things that are important in my life. After talking with my niece, I immediately missed being around her and her infectious laugh. :)
Here goes:

Love is someone using their free agency and sacrificing something significant in exchange for someone else's well being.
Love is not you do this for me and then I do this for you.
Love does not seek its own - love seeks what is good for others.
You cannot force or coerce love from others.
You cannot pay or buy love from others with material treasures.
The greatest treasure anyone can give is their life of their own free will, either in it's entirely or a portion of it, and hoping nothing in exchange.
Love is sacrificing yourself for others.

I try to sacrifice my time and my resources for these little ones. I love them completely as if they are my own. I am fortunant to have 13, soon to be 14, little niblings. I found recently that this is the term for nieces and nephews like 'siblings' or 'parents'.

Well, my little 6 year old niece loves to play 20 questions and is very knowledgeable for a child her age. Maybe this has something to do with her being home schooled with very dedicated parents, my brother and my sister-in-law. I am so proud of my niblings and I wish they ALL lived within 20 minutes of me. Being without a car and not being able to visit my nephews really has got me down as of late.

I know this is not game related but I thought I would break every once in a while to show that there is more to life than board games. :)

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