Monday, January 26, 2015

New idea for defense in OGRE/GEV

I was reading Hammers Slammers and a thought occured to me. What if just ECCM and armor were not the only defenses a unit has at it's disposal against large bore weaponry and missiles? What if a unit could bring it's main armament to bear in defense of itself in order to prevent it being defeated while on the turn of it's owner?
I devised an alternate rule where the unit could forgo it's attack phase on it's turn if it used that attack phase during another's turn. The unit could still move on it's next move, just not attack anything since it already attacked in defense of itself. The main weapon or missiles could be used to try to shoot down incoming projectiles.
The defending "attack" equates to it's normal attack value minus one.
A missile tank therefore would have a 3 attack versus opponent's attacks could only move on it's next turn.
A heavy tank would have 2 attack versus opponent's attack but could only move on it's next turn.
A 3/1 powered infantry squad would have the same as a heavy tank's attack versus opponent's attack but could only move on it's next turn.
The minus one is applied to the attack number BEFORE it is combined with other weapon systems the unit may have. For example, an OGRE wants to prevent the combined attack of two missile tanks, an attack of 8, with 2 main batteries and 1 secondary battery, the odds would be (2+2+1) 5 versus 8 or 1:1 in favor of the defending unit.
First main battery = 3 attack = 3-1 = 2
Next main battery = 3 attack = 3-1 = 2
Secondary battery = 2 attack = 2-1 = 1
THEN you combine the figures. Counter fire defense is not that effective, but if you are desperate ...
By the way, you might have figured out that a unit with an attack of 1 or less cannot do counter fire for obvious reasons. Therefore, OGRE antipersonnel batteries cannot be used, it would make the tank untouchable.

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