Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When re-installing your operating system ...

I had to install my operating system AGAIN. This is tiring. I wish Valve would get their act together and fix a few things on steam. Things like desktop icons actually matching the games they are connected to. The icons work well enough in the steam application but come on - this is just lazy.
When you re-install your operating system, I have found doing the following saves a lot of time:
1. Make a list on notepad that shows you what steps you take to put your stuff back on your hard drive.
2. Keep drivers and applications you like on an external hard drive or thumb drive and make backups of them. This saves the original CD / DVD wear and tear. Also keep older copies of the drivers and applications in case the company decides to not support you by giving you a download link anymore if you did not install from a CD / DVD.
3. Keep a hamster or cat handy to keep you company while you have to work with the hassles of an operating system company making your life more difficult where it should be as simple as copy and pasting an operating system to a hard drive. Frustration avoided by fluffiness!

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