Sunday, February 1, 2015

Transparent OGRE 3-D model attempt

OK, so I was trying to make that 3-D OGRE model that commercially made by Steve Jackson Games in heavy cardboard.
Here are some pictures to explain what I tried to do. I am sad to say that I would have to laminate the printed transparency more than 4 times. The thickness of laminating that many times would prove problematic due to bubbling and separation tendencies of the material.
Here is the sheet before I laminated it a second time.

As you can see, the printed transparency is pre-laminated.

More detail of the un-laminated transparency.

Here is the second lamination that thickened it by .35 mm.

The part is now a little bit thicker.

Finished piece that is not slotted.

A closer look of the side piece.

The "pile".

Mark 5's conning tower.

Here is where I found out that this was not a good idea.

It was flimsy and floppy.

I didn't bother slotting the tread units. I may come back to this 
but I got frustrated and now this resides in the trash...


HarmlessHamster said...

As always, no one really reads my blog - so why I do I keep doing this?

Steve Altra said...

I'm reading, been a while, get so busy. See ya got a Belkin n52. They are awesome, use it for CAD/3D apps.

KEL Enterprises said...

Have you thought of trying a 3D printer